What Makes Purify Skin Therapy Different?

Why is Purify Skin Therapy Different 
from all those other “organic” and “natural” companies?

Did you know that 95% of all those “organic” and “all natural” skin care companies out there have at least one or more toxic/harmful ingredients in their skin care?!?

Shocking, I know. We think we are getting good stuff because the word “ORGANICS” is in the name of the company. However, the facts are 95% of those companies have mostly good ingredients in them, and then some harsh, harmful, and toxic ingredients.

Know what you’re getting by reading the labels

What do alcohols do?
Most “organic” and “all natural” companies are heavily based on alcohols. Alcohols impair healthy skin function, remove moisture from skin and clog pores. Alcohols used in skin care are the texture of hard wax (cetyl alcohol, for example), and have to be melted down to be used. They clog deep down in your pores. If you look at the ingredients and there is one or more ingredients that end in -alcohol (especially if they are listed in the first 5 ingredients) then it is an alcohol based product. That is probably not what you want to be putting on your skin.

What do synthetic preservatives do?
95% of “organic” and “all natural” companies use toxic synthetic preservatives in their skin care. Want to know if your skin care has preservatives in it? It’s easy! Does it last for longer than 60 days on your bathroom counter? If it does, then sadly, it is FULL of harsh synthetic preservatives. You don’t want preservatives on your skin either! Most of them go down into your pores and will stick there for months. They release formaldehyde and other toxic poisons into your bloodstream and throw your hormones out of balance causing you to become emotional or have mood swings. They are not good for your body, not to mention they are not good for your skin!

Purify Skin Therapy is different, because it has absolutely 

NO alcohols
NO waxes of any kind
NO synthetic preservatives
NO synthetic fragrances
NO artificial colors or dyes
NO parabens
NO mineral oils
NO paraffin
NO petroleum products
NO sulfates
NO phthalates
NO sodium lauryl sulfate
NO synthetic oils
NO plastics
NO silicon
NO penetration enhancers
NO animal products
NO animal testing
NO urea
NO fillers or extenders

Purify Skin Therapy is specially formulated to be ONLY pure nutrition for your skin. These TRULY 100% all natural companies are quite hard to find…especially if their skin care actually works!

It’s time to PURIFY your skin care!
Purify Skin Therapy is specially formulated to stay perfectly good on your bathroom counter for 45-60 days, then it will start to go bad because there are no synthetic preservatives or harsh chemicals in it at all. 
We sell it in 30 day supply bottles so you can use it up and then order more FRESH, MADE TO ORDER, 100% NATURAL skin care.
Your skin will love you for it!
Check out our website and see what other people are saying about Purify Skin Therapy.

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