100% Natural & Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser

Ready for skincare that is not packed with heavy toxic chemicals? You’re in luck. Purify Skin Therapy’s line of 100% natural products are quite amazing in how pure and natural they are, but they are even more amazing in that they work so effectively for healthier, younger skin.

Have you tried STEP 1 Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser yet?
It’s the best makeup remover too.

STEP 1 Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser
& Makeup Remover
Using a creamy cleanser is the best
way to keep your skin young and healthy!
Anti-Aging Purify Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser & Makeup
Remover is an amazing creamy face cleanser and makeup remover
will not only clean your face, it also leaves your skin’s delicate pH
completely balanced. Unlike soap and other cleansers that strip your delicate
skin of all moisture, Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser will not strip your skin of
moisture, and in fact will moisturize your skin with healthy organic natural
moisturizers while it effectively cleans all the dirt, grease, grim, and makeup
off your face. It is the best makeup remover completely cleaning off even water
proof makeup. 

This is a Creamy Cleanser which means it does not bubble or
foam up like soap or typical cleansers. 
You apply a small amount to DRY skin
and rub it around. It’s like applying a thick cream to your face.

Oil dissolves oil, it’s a fact. When you gently rub Tea Tree Creamy
Cleanser onto your skin it dissolves the grease and grime that is way down in
your pores. One thing most of our clients say is they cannot believe how their
pores have gotten smaller while using Purify Skin Therapy’s skincare systems.
That’s because only a 100% natural creamy cleanser can eliminate the grease and
gunk deep in your pores and leave your pores clean, fresh, and empty! When
they’re not full of gunk they are smaller and your skin looks beautiful. It’s
an amazing pore refining cleanser for this reason.


Organic Sunflower Oil – Sunflower oil is luxuriously moisturizing and refining
for your face.

Organic Castor Oil – Castor oil does amazing things for the skin. It’s healing
and calming, moisturizing and soothing.

After washing your face with PURIFY Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser you
will feel how amazingly soft and nourished your skin feels, truly amazing. Over
time PURIFY Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser will clear and balance your skin as it
nourishes, moisturizes, and heals. 

Wash your face at night with Purify Skin Therapy’s Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser
(STEP 1), 
follow with Tangerine Blast Toner (STEP 2). For deep night
time nourishment, after the toner is dry, take a little of the Tea Tree Creamy
Cleanser and dab it around your face for deep moisturizing. You can leave it on
and go to bed. There’s nothing in this product that you don’t want to leave on
your skin. In the morning your face will glow! Notice how your wrinkles are
diminished! Over time PURIFY is very rejuvenating and anti aging and makes your
skin look and feel much younger.

Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser contains:

NO harsh chemicals

NO harmful chemicals

NO synthetic chemicals

NO synthetic preservatives

NO alcohols

NO waxes

It is literally 100% natural food for your skin!

Purify Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser is also great for red
irritated skin, rosacea, dry skin, mature skin, light acne and problem skin.
face has a delicate balance of pH; and it is supposed to have a protective
barrier called the mantle, made of your skin’s naturally produced oils called
sebum. The mantle naturally protects and moistens the skin while effectively
protecting it from germs and bacteria. When you wash your face with soap and
water it strips your skin of this protective mantle and sebum layers. Soap and
other cleansers also change your skin’s delicate pH balance and throw it off.
This is how your facial skin is so easily changed and why so many people
struggle with dry, oily, problem skin, or acne prone skin.

Tea Tree Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover protects the sebum, the protective
mantle, and your skin’s pH balance. 
It brings all these into balance and
protects them while effectively cleaning your skin of dirt, grime, bacteria,
and dirty oils, even deeply moisturizes and rejuvenates tired dull skin. This
is how Purify Skin Therapy heals your delicate facial skin. Over time even acne
prone skin will greatly benefit from using all natural, healing Purify Skin
Therapy’s products. It is literally SKIN THERAPY for your delicate and
priceless skin.
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