Fact or Myth: The Truth About Essential Oils

With the popularity of essential oils growing everyday, it is important that they are used correctly. Many incorrect aromatherapy practices are being taught to
many people who use them. The purpose of this blog is to teach correct
aromatherapy practices including: history, safety, application, usage, dilution
requirements, how to tell good essential oils from the not-so-good ones, and
more! Knowledge is power. Please do not fall for these tricky marketing
Aromatherapy myths: 

  • Aromatherapy Myth #1: You can never use
    too much essential oil. The more you use them the better! 
    • Fact: Using too much essential oil can at a minimum put your body into a
      detox, which can bring on flu-like symptoms. You can irreversibly damage your body by
      using too much essential oil or by using them incorrectly. Learning how to
      safely use them is vital.
  • Aromatherapy Myth #2: You can safely use the same oils on children that you use on
    • Fact: You can hurt children by using essential oils that are too strong
      for their bodies to handle. There are some essential oils that should never be
      used on children, even diluted. Be educated on what oils are safe for the use
      on children and which ones are not.
  •  Aromatherapy Myth #3. Essential oils
    never go bad. They last forever. 
    • Fact: They absolutely do expire in 2-5 years depending on the oil.
  •  Aromatherapy Myth #4: Every essential oil company has oils of the same quality.
    •  Fact: There are different qualities and grades of
      essential oils. Choosing essential oils of the highest quality and grade is
      very important.
  • Aromatherapy Myth #5: Our company’s essential oils are “Better than Organic”
    or “Beyond Organic”. 
    • Fact: Plants are either certified organic or they are not. There
      is no “better than organic” or “beyond organic”. If you’ve
      heard these phrases it is someone with NON-organic, lower grade essential oils
      trying to convince you that their lower grade, non-organic essential oils are
      superior (they are not). Don’t fall for this common marketing ploy. You want to
      see the word ORGANIC on every label. If the word organic is not on the label
      then the oil is not organic, and it is not beyond organic either. 

Have you heard anything about essential oils that made you question if it was fact or myth?

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