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Do you or a family member have an ailment but aren’t sure what essential oil to use? Purify Skin Therapy has a shopping option just for you! Under the Essential Oils tab on the website, there are green buttons with conditions on them. For example, if you are having trouble sleeping, you can click on the sleep buttonand you will be taken to a page that lists oils that are calming and recommended for insomnia. Not all essential oils are safe for use on young children. You can click on the children button for a list of oils that are safe and formulated for the use on young children. Do you want to use fewer chemicals in your house? Click on the cleaning button and you will be taken to a page listing oils recommended for cleaning, including the Cleaning Pack which also comes with a glass mister bottle and a healthy housecleaning recipe card.
Shop by condition is a new shopping feature and will continue to be updated with more conditions and as more oil blends are available. Purify Skin Therapy essential oils are premium medicinal-grade oils that are certified organic. You want to use only the highest quality oils for your family. 
What condition would you like to know more about treating with essential oils?
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