Heal a Sore Throat in Minutes

Unlike over-the-counter medication, Essential Oils will help your sore throat go away in minutes AND they boost your immune system. Here is what to do when you feel a sore throat coming on.

Grab your Certified Organic Medicinal Grade Tea Tree oil.

Begin treatment as soon as you feel any sort of itching, scratching, or soreness in your throat. If you catch it at the very beginning you will attack those pesky germs before they have a chance to move in, get comfortable, and colonize your throat. Tea tree oil is one of our oils we recommend never leaving home without (it’s fantastic for cuts, scrapes, and wounds too.)

Get half a drop of Tea Tree oil on your clean finger, put your finger in your mouth and suck the oil off your finger. Swish the Tea Tree around in your mouth for a couple seconds, then hold it at the back of your throat there where those germs are trying to set up shop. Hold it there for at least 20 seconds or more and then swallow it.

The secret to making this work is to use small amounts of Tea Tree, but to apply it often. Every minute for 10 minutes you will repeat this process by taking a small amount (half a drop) and put it in your mouth and swish, hold and swallow.

You can also put a drop on your throat (externally) over each tonsil area and gently rub it in.

If you do this, chances are that in 10 minutes you will no longer have a sore throat and you will probably not get sick either.  Pretty cool and worth 10 minutes out of your day!

What is your favorite use for Tea Tree Oil?

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