The Many Uses of Patchouli Oil

In the 70’s Patchouli Oil was used to cover the smell of marijuana. It has much better uses than that though with its anti-toxin and anti-venom properties for bee, hornet, wasp stings, spider, insect and snake bites.

The day I bought my first bottle I
walked out on my back deck and while moving a chair I was stung by a
wasp (yellow jacket). I am allergic to bee stings and didn’t know
how reactive I might be to a wasp sting. All I knew was that it hurt and
was swelling up fast!

I used some of the things I had used in the past: the
essential oil of helichrysum and then covered it with medicinal clay to
draw out the toxins. The wasp sting continued to swell and  looked like I had a marble under my skin. The clay helped with the
pain only temporarily.

It was then that I remembered I had just bought a bottle of Patchouli oil.
Japan and Malaysia it is used as an antidote to poisonous snake bites. I applied one drop right to the wasp sting. My
husband and I watched in amazement as within one minute that marble like
swelling went completely away and so did the pain. You could barely even see where the
little red sting was.

Imagine how nice it would be if your child gets a bee sting, wasp
sting, spider bite, or any insect bite and you can whip out your
Patchouli essential oil and the swelling and pain simply vanish? You will be impressed with what patchouli
essential oil can do.

Patchouli oil is also a good anti-inflammatory. It is a nourishing and moisturizing which is wonderful for cracked and chapped skin. Have you had very chapped skin and it burns to put lotion on
it? Try some patchouli oil first or mix it with a natural lotion
and it will heal your skin. It is helpful in cases of
dermatitis, eczema, allergic and inflamed

Patchouli essential oil is a good insect repellent. It was
originally used to package shawls being sent to England to protect them
from insects. Wearing patchouli scented shawls became the hottest
fashion trend!

This versatile oil can also be used as an anti-fungal for athlete’s foot, dandruff (added to shampoo), and fungal infections on the skin.

Patchouli is good for aging skin and helps eliminate wrinkles. The skin on your face is sensitive and essential oils should always be diluted when being put on your face.

That’s not all! Patchouli is recognized as an aphrodisiac and is found in many perfumes. It helps with frigidity, nervous exhaustion, and stress. It has the ability to help a
person become grounded, connected to Mother Earth and Her power
, to root
oneself to the earth. By putting Patchouli essential oil on
the soles of your feet and walking on the grass or earth it stimulates
the Earth energy of your body and your 1st Chakra. Because the oil of Patchouli is so grounding it is a great
help for anxiety, depression, fear
, or stress…any emotion that makes you
become ungrounded.

It is truly an amazing oil!

Do you want the highest quality Patchouli essential oil available? The same kind that Internationally Certified Aromatherapists use? The same kind that Medically Trained Aromatherapists use? Then you’ll want to buy Purify Skin Therapy’s Patchouli oil.
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