Is it safe to take essential oils internally?

We recently received a question on our Facebook page and decided to make it into a post. It is a question we get often and who better to ask than a Certified Medical Aromatherapist? The question is: How do I know which oils I can take internally?

It is so important to remember that not all oils are the same high quality that is needed for therapeutic use. Some bottles may even warn you on the label they are not for internal use. Often oils are adulterated with toxic and synthetic chemicals so the company can make more profit. In addition, not all plants are grown organically and the pesticides and herbicides are being distilled into the essential oil. Do you really want to put synthetic chemicals on your skin? Not to mention putting them in your mouth!

Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Holly Draper has done the hard work in finding and sourcing the highest medicinal quality essential oils on the market. For more information about taking essential oils internally, fill out the form on the home page of You will receive an email with detailed information on this topic and you can reply with any more questions you may have.

Lastly, you don’t want to every ingest Eucalyptus oils or Ravintsara. The plants themselves are not safe for ingestion. Also, HOT oils such as oregano, clove and cinnamon (or blends containing these oils) are strong and only recommended for ingestion via a capsule. Placing them directly in the mouth can burn sensitive tissue inside your mouth and throat. To begin using essential oils internally, start with only one drop of a gentle oil such as Lemon oil. Learn how your unique body reacts to using essential oils internally.

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