Testimonial Part 2

On Wednesday I talked about how I became hooked on essential oils. I love that Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are Certified Organic and Wildcrafted. They are sourced by Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Holly Draper. She was raised by an herbologist mother and learned natural healing techniques at a young age. She REALLY knows her stuff. Holly runs the business out of her home while she is also stay at home Mom to four children. When you buy Purify Skin Therapy’s oils, you are paying for premium medicinal grade quality oils, not commissions to distributors and their fancy vacations. Have a question about how to use an oil or what oil to use for your condition? Ask Holly!

When I start to think about my favorite essential oils, I could list probably 25 that I use on a regular basis. Today I will highlight five and why they rank highest on my list.

  1. French Lavender – French Lavender has the highest healing properties of all the Lavender oils in the world. It is the single most useful essential oil. If you don’t know what oil to use for your condition, give Lavender a try. It is great for burns, insect bites, emotional complications, skin care and insomnia, just to name a few. The uses for lavender are honestly endless. Several times a week I end my day with a hot lavender bath to melt away stress.
  2. Tea Tree – Also known as Melaleuca, our Tea Tree oil comes from Australia. Tea Tree has amazing antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Historically it was used for disinfecting and healing wounds. It is also a powerful immune stimulant. We use tea tree at our house to clean cuts and scrapes, relieve sore throats, heal ear infections and fight acne.
  3. Pain Ease – Holly is also a Master Blender. Her blends work incredibly well and smell amazing. If you have sore muscle pain (and there is no wound or broken skin) rub a few drops of Pain Ease into the affected area. You will find relief within five minutes of application. This blend of oils is highly anti-inflammatory and goes deep into your muscles and heals the muscles and ligaments. I am a runner and apply some pain ease after a long run to relieve sore muscles and joint pain.
  4. Headache Relief Serum – Crafted with the highest quality of certified organic essential oils, Headache Relief Serum is anti-inflammatory and quickly melts away the pain caused by a headache. It comes in a roll on bottle for you to roll all the way around your head on the hairline. The bottle is small enough to put in your pocket, so if you suffer from headaches you can have it with you on the go. I love the smell and purity of this blend!
  5. Kids Immune – I learned the hard way that not all essential oils are safe for the use on children. Having four children of my own, I love having a blend specifically formulated for children. Expecting another child? This blend is safe to use during pregnancy! Kids Immune is formulated to support and strengthen the immune system. Use as a preventative during the sick season or use more frequently if they are already sick to fight off the illness. I rub a couple drops into my kids feet. Only a few applications are needed before their symptoms disappear.

I know I said I was only going to mention five, but other oils I use very frequently are: Digestion, Peppermint, Immune and Orange. There is a reason that the use of essential oils is popular right now. Because they really work! Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are medicinal quality and have no negative side effects.

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