Let’s Talk About Immunity – Part One

Let’s Talk About Immunity

As we head into Fall, we start the discussion about what essential oils to use to build up immunity. Nobody likes being sick, and no parent likes watching their children going through illness. Boosting and strengthening the immune system is where essential oils really shine! They have been used for this purpose for several thousand years. There have been so many scientific studies that demonstrate the ability of essential oils in aiding, supporting, and boosting the immune system to help our bodies fight off infection and diseases.

Purify Skin Therapy has age appropriate blends that help build the immune system. Remember, you cannot (and should not) use the same essential oils on cildren that you use for healthy teens and adults. You can actually harm little children by using oils that are not appropriate for them, especially the hot oils. Holly Draper is a Certified Medical Aromatherapist, and she has formulated 3 different immune boosting blends, all with a different purpose.

Should Essential Oils Be Used on Children?

Some essential oils can be used on children. For immunity, Purify Skin Therapy recommends the blend Kids Immune. This essential oil
blend was formulated to support and strengthen the immune system of
kids, pregnant women, and the ailing elderly. Because you cannot use the
same oils on children that you use on healthy adults, this oil was
formulated specifically for their little undeveloped bodies. The oils in
this blend work better with their little bodies and do not hurt them in
any way.

You can use this oil on children from ages 6 months to around 9 years old, pregnant women, and the ailing elderly.

as a preventative during the cold and flu season to aid and boost your
body’s immune system so you won’t get sick. If you do get sick this is
your daily use oil to strengthen and boost their immune system to fight
off the bug.

This blend is comparable to ForeverGreen’s Kids Wellness. doTerra and
Young Living do not have a comparable blend that is safe for use on
young children. Purify Skin Therapy essential oils are 100% pure
certified organic & wildcrafted.

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