Essential Oil Blends for Warts

Essential Oil Blends for Warts

This is an a 100%
natural herbal and essential oil blend that is incredibly effective at
completely removing warts. Apply this blend to the wart 2 times a day,
cover with a bandaid, and that’s it! The wart will swell and then
literally slough off. It can eliminate the wart in as little as 11 days,
and sometimes it takes up to 30 days. It is completely painless and
will not harm surrounding skin at all. If you are suffering from having a
wart, this is the stuff you need to get rid of it completely. 

In the pictures you can see here, the one on the
hand was very very big with several black “seeds” in it. We did not get a
“starting” picture for it, the first one we have for it is about 7 days
into using Magic Wart Eraser. You will see the seeds in the second wart
on the foot, how they fell off, and then the wart was gone. This is
amazing stuff!

This blend of herbs and essential oils is very dark brown, and in some
of the pictures you can see a slight brownness in the surrounding skin.
It is completely painless and is just from the color of the herbs used.
It goes away in about a day.

“My big protruding wart has fallen off! I used the product both day and night with a bandage and followed the instructions. I’m very happy that it’s gone. Thank you for an all natural product that didn’t damage or burn the skin around my wart!” ~Rebecca


“I am so glad the wart is gone from my hand! It was painless and easy, and best of all the wart is completely gone.” ~James

am sooo excited to report that the wart (or whatever it was!) that
popped up on my forehead 6 months or so ago is now GONE!! It was bugging
me as you can imagine but I had NO idea how I was going to get rid of
it. Since we travel extensively it was not going to be easy to get into a
doctor to have it looked at and removed. When I learned of Holly’s
skincare and website I went in to look as my daughter LOVES the skin
care! I saw the wart eraser and could see it was all natural ingredients
so I thought I had nothing to lose but to try! That was approximately
20-30 days ago and this morning the ugly thing is gone!! Yippee! Truly,
I’m soo happy about it. And, it was the easiest thing…I just put a
dab of the black pasty stuff on it each morning and each night and
covered it with a small round skin-toned bandaid. Nothing to it really
except persistence—I never missed doing it twice a day.” ~Angie

is astonishing! This product is magical – in 20 days my PLANTAR wart
vanished!!! I tolerated a plantar wart for 2 years – and tried nearly
all of the natural remedies out there. I even tried Oregano oil for 3
months from Young Living – yet it never worked. I was ready to go freeze
it off – by my heart new that they would solve the core problem. So I
tried Purify’s magic wart eraser and got immediate results. In 10 days
time my wart shrunk to 1/4 size. This product only works if you work it! I was diligent about keeping the magic potion on day and night for the entire time. In 20 days the wart roots just swelled up then fell off! Yippie! Holistic Heidi
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