Announcing our NEW Line of Organic Essential Oils for Kids!

Announcing our NEW Line of Oils

  ~ Something completely unique to Purify Skin Therapy ~

Because We Love Our Kids…And Yours! 


We’re the first essential oil company to come out with a completely safe and effective KIDS line of essential oils.


Because you cannot use the same essential oils on your little ones that you use on yourself, we have made it super simple for you!


Introducing our NEW line of KID safe and friendly essential oils for kids ages 6 months old and older, pregnant women, and the ailing elderly. These oils are better suited to help their underdeveloped and more sensitive bodies:


Because We Care About YOUR Kids!
KIDS COUGH CARE Blend by Purify Skin Therapy
This is a blend of all the best anti-spasmotic certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils for coughing. Specially formulated to be safe and effective for your children. It works for all kinds of coughing.


This is also my #1 oil to use with any kind of a sore throat. It is fast and effective for those annoying and painful sore throats!


This blend is completely edible, and is completely safe for kids ages 6 months and older. It’s equally as effective for adults, and can be used on anyone who is either coughing, or has a sore throat, or both.


Comes with instructions on exactly how to use it for best results!


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