Join Us at an Organic Essential Oils Class in February!

Join Us at an Organic Essential Oils Class in February!

Organic Essential Oils! Everywhere you look these days you are seeing new companies all claiming to be the best organic essential oils out there. How do you know what to choose? We are committed to weekly classes to help people learn what they need to know to make a choice. Our classes have different topics to help you get the most out of the teaching, and apply it to your life and your family. 

Holly Draper is a Certified Medical Aromatherapist.To become a Certified Medical Aromatherapist it requires 400 documented classroom hours of accredited aromatherapy training, a 3 month thesis project and paper, 500 hours of documented client application and work, and to sit for the internationally approved 4 hour test and pass it. Holly passed it with Honors. It takes years to achieve this level of certification. Holly Draper is the only Certified Medical Aromatherapist professionally registered in the state of Utah.
It’s a big deal.

There are so many people out there teaching incorrect aromatherapy practices. As a public service Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Holly Draper will be teaching again. Come and learn correct aromatherapy; including safety, application, usage, dilution requirements, history, how to tell good essential oils from the not-so-good ones, and more!

Aromatherapy Myth #1. You can never use too much essential oil. The more you use them the better.
False. Using too much essential oil can at a minimum put your body into a detox. People DIE every year overdosing on essential oils. Learn how to safely use them!

Aromatherapy Myth #2. You can safely use the same oils on children that you use on adults.
False. You can hurt children by using essential oils that are too strong for their bodies to handle. There are some essential oils that should never be used on children, even diluted.

Aromatherapy Myth #3. Essential oils never go bad, they last forever.
False. They absolutely expire in 2-5 years depending on the oil.Aromatherapy Myth #4. Our essential oils are “Better than Organic” or “Beyond Organic”.
False. Plants are either certified organic or they are not. There is no “better than organic” or “beyond organic”. If you’ve heard these phrases it is someone with NON-organic lower grade essential oils trying to convince you that their non-organic essential oils are superior (they are not). Don’t fall for this common marketing ploy. There is no “better” than organic. Plants are either certified organic or they are not. You want to see the word ORGANIC on every label. If the word organic is not on the label then the oil is not organic, and it is not beyond organic either. Don’t be fooled any longer.

If you’ve learned any of these myths to be true, you have been taught incorrect information. I invite you to come and learn correct aromatherapy from a Certified Medical Aromatherapist and get the answers you need about organic essential oils!

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