KIDS DIGESTION Blend by Purify Skin Therapy

KIDS DIGESTION Blend by Purify Skin Therapy

The Digestion Blend is a powerful blend that contains all the best essential oils that enhance digestion, alleviate digestive issues, distress, and alleviate digestive pain and is safe for those little tummies.
This essential oil blend was formulated to aid all digestive issues kids have:
1. Upset tummies
2. Sore tummies
3. Diarrhea
4. Sluggish digestion
5. Gas & bloating
6. Generally not feeling well in the digestive area
7. Promotes happy and healthy digestion
This blend is perfectly safe for kids ages 6 months and up, and was formulated specifically for those little tummy issues.
This essential oil blend was formulated for all digestive issues. It can bring quick relief to upset stomachs, gassy, bloated, diarrhea, painful tummies, and sluggish digestion.

Comes with instructions on exactly how to use it for best results!
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