Allergy Season is Coming! Are you Ready?

Allergy Season is Coming! Are you Ready?

Watery eyes and stuffy nose…

this sound familiar?  Springtime comes with two faces…. One being the
fresh, beautiful earth that yields new life, and the other that produces
allergens in the air that can put a strain on the immune system.

Allergies are the result of an over-sensitive immune system where the
body is trying to defend itself from disease and infection.  Thus, they
will attack allergens in a similar way as in fighting viruses or
bacteria.  When exposed to allergy-inducing grasses or pollen, the body
will respond by producing histamines, which leads to a whole range of
allergy symptoms.  These symptoms include itching, swelling, runny nose,
sneezing and asthma.  The histamines being released cause the cells in
the nose and throat to swell and produce fluid resulting in the above
mentioned symptoms and discomfort.

Many people live on anti-histamines and decongestants or prescription
medication through allergy season.  Others choose to receive allergy
shots several times during the year for relief.  However, many people
are now looking for a more natural solution.

Respiratory organic essential oil is a strong
and effective essential oil blend that helps and supports the entire
respiratory system. It is good for everything from the sinuses to the
bottom of the lungs. This blend has a unique affinity to aid and support
the respiratory system.

This is a blend of all my favorite respiratory oil that can open,
unclog, and support your physical respiratory system and also works to
open and unclog emotional issues too.

Diffuse or inhale this blend in cases of any upper respiratory infection or any bronchial, lung, or lower lung issue.

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