I Really Hurt Myself… Big Bruise!

By Holly Draper, Certified Aromatherapist
Let’s just say, no more jumping fences….because I am not the nimble young thing I used to be! I hurt my leg trying to keep up with my kids. (yes, this is really the back of my leg! Right above the knee on the back of the thigh…it’s a really big bruise.)
Talk about a hematoma … OUCH!
I hate deep, big bruises. They ache and they are so tender! These pictures are the day after I got it.
Knowing what I know about essential oils, I immediately started applying Helichrysum essential oil,which is THE oil for deep bruising and hematomas. It has particular properties that are very supportive to bruised and damaged tissue. I layered on the Helichrysum oil and then applied our best selling blend, PAIN EASE. The PAIN EASE is a blend of organic & wildcrafted essenital oils specifically for pain, inflammation, and damaged tissue.
I applied first the Helichrysum then the PAIN EASE every morning and every night. I applied the PAIN EASE blend more if it started aching…and it instantly took away any pain. So I have been virtually pain free. (I am so grateful for these oils!)
How long do you think this bruise will take to heal? Do you think it will black and blue for
2 weeks?
3 weeks?
A month maybe?
Look at it now:
How long do you think it’s been?
It’s ONLY been 9 DAYS!!
I’ve been very diligent about keeping the oils on it, and I was able to keep myself out of pain by applying the oils. Look at how much better it is!
It just makes me wish more people knew how powerful and amazing these oils are. You know how so many people suffer in pain and injuries? When using essential oils is such an easy and natural way to improve anyone’s quality of  life, especially if they suffer with pain and injuries!
Purify Your Life!
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