Organic Essential Oils for Wounds

I have made several custom blends for discerning customers over the years, and once you hear about this one, it’s one you’ll want too…it’s a MUST for preparedness scenarios!

If there was a blend of the best essential oils for wounds of all kinds.…from scratches and road rash to cuts, burns, and open wounds.

A blend that was extremely healing and repairing, cell regenerating (to help the wound heal) and disinfecting….this is that blend.

Look at the ingredients in this oil:
1. Roman Chamomile (a $72.95 oil) One of the Saxon’s 9 sacred herbs used for healing wounds
2. Frankincense (a $59.95 oil) Used for millennia to disinfect and heal wounds
3. Yarrow (a $60.00 oil) Used anciently to heal battle wounds
4. Myrrh (a $49.95 oil) Used for millennia to heal wounds that won’t heal
5. Balsam Fir – Used by the Native American Indians to heal wounds
6. Lavender – Well known for it’s ability to heal burns and wounds
7. Tea Tree – Carried by the Australian soldiers in their first aid kits for it’s disinfecting and healing qualities

This blend is a lovely blue color (due to the yarrow in it), and you’ll want to have this oil blend on hand for when those wounds come along. It may also be good for rashes and burns.


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