Everything You Need to Know About Frankincense Oil

Frankincense, which is also referred to as olibanum, is an essential oil that is derived from the resin of trees in the Burseraceae family, specifically of the genus Boswellia. These trees grow in the Arabian Peninsula and in parts of Africa including Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Oman. For hundreds of years, traders from all over the world would come to the deserts of Africa to trade for this precious essential oil. Of course, most people have heard of this substance from its mention in the Bible as one of the three gifts the Wise-men give to Jesus after his birth. Reserved only for the Sultans and Kings of the region during the ancient past, its value was considered as rare as some precious metals. In modern days, however, Frankincense essential oils are available to anybody who wants to purchase it -- for a variety of uses including stress relief, aromatherapy, indigestion and other stomach problems, menstruation problems and as a topical ointment.


In a Bath: Adding a bit of the oil to your bath can be used for a feeling of relaxation. Adding it to the bath will also help your skin because it is a powerful, natural astringent.

Inhalation: Frankincense oil is often used in a diffuser or vaporizer because of its natural sweet spicy aroma, which was used by some to lower anxiety levels and give people a sense of peace. It has been used to release low frequency emotions, nervousness, and stress. Breathing it in from a vaporizer can help break up phlegm in your throat or sinuses while you have a cold or a sinus infection. Frankincense is also great for the bronchioles and the lungs. Inhaling the mist from a diffuser is very beneficial for the entire respiratory system.  

Massage: It is also a great oil for a body massage that will help you feel calm and much less stressed. 

For the Skin: frankincense has been used since antiquity for all kinds of skin issues. It is greatly beneficial for the skin, cuts, scars, and rashes.

For the Brain: Frankincense is also one of the best essential oils to support healthy brain function. By inhaling its vapor from a diffuser your brain will benefit from the phytochemicals in Frankincense oil.


In some parts of the world, frankincense oil is used to help combat upset stomachs. It is said that it can aid in digestion because it is what is called a carminative, which is what herbs that can help prevent gas and also can help with the expulsion of gas. Some have also used it for menstrual cramping and other side effects from PMS. The oil acts as a emenagogue, which means it can be used to help blood flow in the uterus, which helps with menstruation.  However, when doing this, it is important that this oil is 100% pure and does not contain any other fragrances or perfumes.  Fragrances and perfumes not meant for digestion can cause an exacerbation of the problem instead of relieving it.


As mentioned before, frankincense is a natural astringent that can be used to combat the effects of aging, such as sagging skin. Also because of its astringent qualities, it has been used to help prevent wrinkles from showing up, and to help get rid of existing ones. It is also beneficial for someone who suffers from acne, helping keep the skin clean and the pores open. It also can be used as a coagulant, which will help cuts and other wounds to stop bleeding. It can also be used as an antiseptic to prevent germs and other harmful things from getting into the body.

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