OUCH! Wounds – Before and After Pics


For thousands of years cultures all around the world have used herbs to heal battle wounds!  When I began working on a essential oil blend to help with wounds it was amazing to hear all the stories of how different cultures around the world used plants to help them.  As you know, essential oils are even more concentrated than herbs.  Imagine if you could combine the plants they used anciently for healing into a handy essential oil blend. That’s what Purify Skin Therapy has created in the Wound Repair Blend.

Look at the oils in this blend and why we used them:

Tea Tree Ancient Aborigines Disinfecting, cell regenerating
Frankincense Ancient Egyptians, Arabs Used for millennia for every kind of wound
Myrrh Ancient Egyptians, Arabs  Wounds and wounds that won’t heal
Roman Chamomile Anglo Saxons One of the Saxon’s 9 sacred herbs, healing
Yarrow Ancient Greeks, Romans Anciently used to heal battle wounds
Balsam Fir Ancient American Indians Used this to heal their wounds
Lavender Europeans Healing, cell regenerating

The Wound Repair Blend is a powerful blend of carefully chosen essential oils. Formulated for wounds of all kinds from scratches to larger wounds. This blend works well for skin rashes too because of the oils used.

Wound Repair

Before and After pictures of people who use the Wound Repair Blend: CAUTION these may be a bit graphic.




TIP: The hand in the second picture is whitish – because she did not use a carrier oil with the Wound Repair blend and it was a little drying on her skin. If you add just a little carrier oil to it when you apply it it won’t dry out your skin like this.




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