First Do NO Harm

As so many people are exploring the world of alternative medicine, I thought I would create this post to help you think about a few things when using essential oils. The ancient philosophers and physicians recognized very early that as we try and help others, you absolutely do not want to make things worse or complicate them in getting better. For thousands of years, doctors would take an oath, and many of those oaths included the wording of, “First Do No Harm.”


Essential oils come directly from plants and the oils are in the most concentrated state of the plant. Consider that the same chemicals from these plants are synthesized and makeup nearly all the pharmaceutical medicines of today. Would you ever consider going into a pharmacy and having the pharmacist tell you that every single medicine he has on his shelves are safe for anyone. This should feel very wrong. Consider the different size of bodies between babies, children, teens, adults, pregnant women, and elderly. Each of these bodies will be able to handle different “medicines”. To believe that they will all be “good” for everyone is crazy talk. Same with oils, some are safe for one size body (and the developmental stages that body is in) and not safe for others. You have to know what each oil will do, because just using less or diluting an essential oil does not change the chemical composition of the essential oil and suddenly make it safe for everyone. This is the exact reason that Purify Skin Therapy has a KIDS line of oils for kids under the age of 10, and a BABY line of oils that are safe to use on baby. Because we care so much about the safety of your loved ones, and we want to make it as easy for you as possible to make the correct, age-appropriate choices for your family.


Please be aware that any person can have a sensitivity or reaction to any plant even ones that are  generally recognized as safe. If you know or suspect that a person has issues with reactions you will need to be very careful. May I suggest you do a patch test with diluted essential oil on the inside of the arm or crook of the elbow first to see if there is a reaction. Wait 24 hrs and if there isn’t a reaction or any sensitivity, then it probably won’t cause a reaction. If a person is sensitive to the plant itself they will most likely be 100 times more sensitive to the oil because that is how much more concentrated that essential oil is versus the plant it came from. Remember–First Do No Harm.

Know what your essential oil does that is beneficial in assisting the body, but you should also know if there is any safety issues using the oil. I will give you an example. Eucalyptus Radiata is so effective in assisting the lungs with an amazing opening effect. Completely safe to breathe and apply topically, but is known to be toxic when taken internally. Let’s ask then, is this oil safe in doing no harm? Depends. When applied correctly this oil is safe and very effective, but when a person applies incorrectly (ingests it) the oil can become very unsafe.

As you know and are familiar with your oils, you will see how absolutely amazing the plant kingdom is in assisting our bodies. This is why we are beating the drum so loud when it comes to making sure that your oils are the cleanest oil you can get. When you use a certified organic oil, you get all the benefit of the plant without any unwanted or toxic side effects. When you use a non-organic oil you absolutely get the benefit of the plant, but are you also getting a side effect that can be causing harm to your body. The harmful chemicals used in non-organic farming do get into your oils and are concentrated just like your oils and the side effect is that your liver is having to deal with those chemicals. Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are USDA certified organic & wildcrafted, sourced for you by a Certified Aromatherapist. These are superior  oils.

USDA round

We have seen so many people come to us that are manifesting side effects that are absolutely a result of using a poor grade of essential oils – ones they thought were the highest quality. Some of the effects we have seen are: sensitivity to foods, rashes, skin issues, and allergies that they didn’t have before. The side effects of clogging and damaging your liver are very real. Remember–First Do No Harm! 


Lastly, if for any reason any essential oil you apply becomes “hot”, immediately apply a carrier oil over it. The oil can be anything from olive oil, grapeseed, jojoba, vegetable, coconut, even butter. Any oil applied will slow the absorption of the oil and make the burning stop within seconds. Do not go to the sink and rinse with water. Water and oil repel and it drives the oil in faster and may make it burn hotter. Remember–First Do No Harm.

Hopefully, with a little correct education, you can begin to use essential oils safely, correctly, and confidently that you are not harming anyone.



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