Your Precious Lungs

Aromatherapy shines so bright when it comes to the lungs. Anyone who has had trouble breathing knows that relief is priceless. Lung issues can be caused by allergies, illness, chronic issues, environmental issues, or many other conditions. The plant kingdom has as many plants to help with lungs as there are reasons for these conditions. These plants can help aid the body with situations from having a very opening effect, helping get harmful or unwanted material out of the lungs (expectorant properties), cleaning the lungs, and restoring the lungs.


The Eucalyptus family has over 30 different species and several of these species have an affinity for the lungs. Ravintsara is another oil that is very beneficial in assisting the lungs. Did you know that Lavender and Lemon are also extremely beneficial when it comes to the lungs.  

At Purify Skin Therapy we are so lucky to have a Certified Aromatherapist that has created all of our amazing blends from years of her working with clients and study of these oils. I like to compare essential oils to military soldiers. When you use one of these powerful oils it’s like you’re getting one very well armed and well trained soldier fighting with you to assist your body in fighting off pathogens. A synergy, or blend, of essential oils is like having a squadron of the army, navy, airforce, and marines all combining to assisting your body. Blends are more powerful and more synergistic than single essential oils because they bring diverse phytochemicals from different plant families to the party to assist your body in fighting off the bad guys.  That is why we love blends.

The best application for the lungs is diffusion. When diffusing oils for the lungs you want to stay away from mixing the oil with water. This is a less effective way to diffuse the oil. The best way is a diffuser that atomizes the oils into the air. That atomizing effect of the oil is what gets those tiny molecules up into the air and allows you to breathe them into your lungs to start assisting the body in supporting and stimulating the lungs. The next application that you may want to consider is applying the diluted oil to your back right between the shoulder blades. This can be a nice place to allow the oils to absorb and help with the lungs. You want those oils to get to the lungs to help.



available here.

What are the blends that can help with the lungs? We have several because each was formulated to help with specific issues. They are: Respiratory, Kids Respiratory, Open Air, and Seasonal Relief. These are all blends specifically to support, stimulate, and restore the lungs.

Respiratory blend is our #1 choice for just about any issue with the respiratory system. It was formulated specifically to boost, strengthen, and support the entire respiratory system. It is for ages 10 and older with any kind of respiratory issues. Of course you always want to consult with a medical professional or certified aromatherapist for specific concerns. The Respiratory blend combines all of those amazing essential oils from plants that  assist your lungs in removing unwanted material from your lungs, eliminate harmful pathogens, and restore your lungs to a fuller capacity. Generally this will be the blend of oils to help with your lung issues.  We hope you all are aware that not all oils are safe for underdeveloped bodies of children and babies and for that reason we have a Respiratory version that is safe for children called Kid’s Respiratory.




If you are having a more specific lung issue you will want to consider our other two blends that assist the lungs. Open Air was formulated for those who occasionally experience restricted breathing. That closing of the lungs can be assisted with this specific blend of oils to get relief almost immediately. Those who experience a restriction due to an allergen from seasonal or pet irritations would want to consider the Seasonal Blend to help with calming the reaction as well as preventing the reaction if you know you will be subject to them.

One great thing about getting a blend of oils from us is that we want you to know exactly how to use the oils correctly to get the most benefit from your oils.  For that reason, we include an instruction sheet with each of the blends you get.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention: The #1 reason to buy from Purify Skin Therapy is that proudly carry only USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils. These are the superior quality essential oils that have never been exposed to toxic biocides (because they’re USDA certified organic!). These are the cleanest, purest oils. Try them, and we believe with just one smell you will see the difference!

We hope this will shed some light on some of the oils that can assist you in assisting your lungs get the most out of every breath you take!

Check out our awesome blends here.

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