Emotional Roller Coaster?


The ups and downs of life are in full swing. One day we can be on top of the world and then without notice we can be brought back to the depths of misery. Sometimes it feels like we’re on an emotional roller coaster! No one is immune from life’s challenges, and these ups and downs. Is there anything that can help us as we go on this unpredictable journey?

Absolutely! One of the reasons that I love essential oils is because they work so well when it comes to emotions. Emotions are so powerful and can dictate how we see and deal with our surroundings. Help is only a breath away.

Aromatherapy is actually another name for the use of essential oils. Aroma or “scent” therapy is a natural modality that has been used by cultures for thousands of years to stabilize and balance emotions. Simply breathing in those active aromatic molecules is powerful! Inhalation is one of the most powerful applications when it comes to using your oils, and is that absolutely the best application when it comes to emotions.

Have you ever needed help with stress, grief, anger, rage, depression, anxiety, heartache, frustration, being overwhelmed or any of the other thousand emotions? Know that there are many single essential oils that can help and I will give you just a few. Rose is amazing when it comes to emotions of the heart. Lavender can be unbelievably calming. Ylang Ylang can help with anger. Bergamot is considered “nature’s Prozac”. Red Mandarin and Spearmint calm the inner child and are excellent oils for kids.

Purify Skin Therapy offers only USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils, these are the two highest grades of essential oils. If you’re going to use essential oils to help your emotional state you want to use the purest, cleanest essential oils.

emotional oilsWe also have several powerful blends that were formulated specifically for your emotions. Peace of Mind is the blend that helps with all the low-frequency emotions of grief, anger, rage, depression, and anxiety. Release is a blend of oils that allows one to release emotions that have become stuck or built up. Relax is a blend that is phenomenal at getting a person out of their own head and allows them to focus and be grounded.

emotional blends

The beautiful thing about all of these oils is that the application for all of them is simply inhalation. Put 2-3 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and inhale for 5-10 minutes. You may want to do it a couple times a day and if you feel the emotions starting to swell again. It’s AMAZING how these simple oils can help us take charge of our emotional state and feel in control again.

That’s it! Help is only a breath away!


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