Got Bugs or Bug Bites? We Can Help!

Have you noticed just how many bugs there are that come out to enjoy summer with us? Especially the blood suckers!


If you are tired of all the bug sprays on the market because they leave you sticky, smelly, and all chemically then you will want to keep reading.

There are a few plants that are amazing at repelling bugs! One of the natural chemicals they produce is called citronella, and bugs really don’t like it. You can always take these plant leaves and make a lovely clothing article by hand and be the “talk” of the town. It just may be easier to use a combination of essential oils and make your own natural bug spray.

Some of the oils that really shine are in the Eucalyptus family and the mint family. You can play with different varieties to see how they work.  We have created an amazing blend of oils that include Geranium, Eucalyptus citriodora, Eucalyptus radiata, Spearmint, and Peppermint. This combination makes a very fresh smelling spray that works incredibly well at keeping the bugs at bay. We call it BUG REPEL. As with all of our blends you get an instruction sheet that tells you exactly how to use it. You will want some kind of a glass mister bottle if you are making your own spray.

Bug Repel2



Too late!?!  What do I do if I already have a bug bite? If you have ever been bitten by these blood suckers then you know that the bite can be extremely itchy, irritated, burning, bumpy, and even painful.  They become even more of a problem if we give in and itch the bite. It then becomes ten times worse and may even become infected. Luckily there are also some amazing plants that really help with all of these reactions. Patchouli is an amazing anti-venom oil that helps with the toxins associated with the bite. Rosemary is great at restoring tissue and bringing down the inflammation. Peppermint is so cooling and helps with the pain. Lavender is so calming and helps skin issues. The blend that we have created has these and more oils to eliminate that bite fast. It’s called BUG BITE. It comes in an easy to apply roll on and you simply roll it on over the bite and forget about it. This blend is good for any kind of bug or insect bite including chiggers.bug bite USDA



One other idea is a Peppermint lick trick.  We have done this while camping next to a mountain stream.  Sun went down and oh how the mosquitoes came in what seemed to be the thousands. We all took a Peppermint lick trick by putting a drop on the back of your hand and then licking it off. Within minutes the oil is circulated throughout your entire bloodstream and the mosquitoes don’t bite when there’s Peppermint in your blood.

You Should Know: Make sure ANY essential oil is USDA certified organic if you’re going to ingest it! If it doesn’t have the USDA certified organic seal right on the label then you CANNOT ingest it!


Peppermint wUSDA


We have had so many clients that have taken the time to write us and tell how much they love these two blends when fighting off those nasty bugs and even nastier bites.  We hope this helps you in your battle of the bugs!

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