Tummy Trouble?

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How many times have you been rushing out and about and just needed to grab something to eat and then the dreaded gut bomb! The bloating, aching, discomfort or even worse. You know what I’m talking about. What to do? Or what if you suffer from more regular tummy troubles? They can be such a bummer!

Several essential oils are so powerful to assist your digestion. They get in there and calm down all kinds of digestion issues. Conditions from constipation to diarrhea and everything in between can be relieved quickly with certain essential oils. Plants and their products have been used for thousands of years for just this reason. We have combined several of the best of these plants into our blend called Digestion Blend.

Purify’s Digestion Blend was formulated for any kind of digestive issue. It aids digestion to stop cramping, help sore tummies, upset tummies, indigestion, reduces inflammation, aids in the elimination of constipation, aids bloating and gas, aids in diarrhea, and may even relieve the symptoms of food poisoning. The best thing about this blend is the application is simply applying the Digestion blend directly on the abdomen and rubbing them in. The relief is so quick, we know you will love it!



But WAIT….Are all oils “safe” for kids and babies when assisting digestion issues? Absolutely not! For that reason, we have formulated a Kid’s Digestion Blend and Baby Digestion Blend. Our kids bodies are smaller, and they are not able to handle some of the oils in the Digestion blend. So our master blender and Certified Aromatherapist, created Kids safe blends to keep our most precious ones safe. The Kids Digestion blend is simply a blend of oils that are all safe for your kids ages 10 and under. Being different does not make the kid’s and baby blend less effective, on the contrary, they are just as effective and they assist the digestion system without compromising their small underdeveloped livers.



Baby DIgestion Colic clear


There is also another condition that plagues many of us related to digestion–heartburn. Ever thought you were going to die because it felt like you were going to explode or melt from the burning sensation? It can be terrible and painful. Huge relief can be just minutes away with one of the most beautiful oils–USDA Certified Organic Lemon essential oil.



The application for heartburn is a drop right on your tongue and swallow.  Wait several minutes and if you aren’t experiencing relief you will want to repeat. You can also take a drop or two and put it in your glass of water , shake it up really good and drink it. We have had great success with this one which may completely eliminate that painful heartburn. Remember that you should never take Lemon internally if it is not certified organic and does not say “organic” right on the label of the bottle. Don’t take my word for it. Here is a quote from Dr. Jean Valnet a French MD World Renowned Aromatherapist, “You must obtain an organic certification for citrus oils if they are to be used internally at all.” This is even safe when pregnant. 

You never know when these situations are going to happen so just make sure you have them on hand for the fastest relief possible!

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