Super Spearmint! Great for The Inner Child


Spearmint, Sweet Spearmint!

School is starting again and so many of us have kids that are dreading having to sit in that classroom again all day and be cooped up. Do you know anyone who has a child that tends to be on the very active side? These little ones are always going, never stop, they are the energizer bunny until they run out of gas. Do you know anyone who has a child that has ever gotten upset, discouraged, frustrated, disappointed, or angry? Life can be hard even for these little ones.

One of the most amazing oils that is absolutely incredible in helping children,

and it is completely safe for their little bodies, is Spearmint.

Spearmint is one of the best oils for calming the “inner child”.

inner child2

So what is the difference between our emotional “inner child” and a child? Not much really because children are living their “inner child”. They haven’t developed that “socially acceptable” wall that prevents them from just being a kid….burping, farting, speaking honestly, trying new things, crying when they feel sad, etc. 

Spearmint smells amazing and the application is to simply place two drops on a cotton ball and breathe in that aroma for 5-10 minutes. It smells super yummy – like gum. The results are calming of both the physical body and the emotional inner child. This calming will allow them to get to sleep faster and sleep deeper at night. This calming will help with a “bad day”. This calming will help when they are so wound up they can’t settle down. Spearmint helps calm the inner child, helps to unwind, supports and nurtures if they’re scared, upset, or frustrated. It’s pretty amazing what this oil can do.

Please understand that there are so many that get frustrated with these active kids and rush to give them a pill with so many side effects that it really isn’t fair to the child. Just breathing Spearmint has absolutely no harmful side effects! It may cause your child to have an increase in appetite because it is an appetite stimulant. That may be a good thing for those picky eaters that never want to slow down.

If a person is concerned with the appetite the other essential oil that is as good with calming the “inner child” is Red Mandarin. Is is just as lovely to smell and is great at calming oil that also target and calms the inner child.

The beautiful thing about these oils is that they work so well on kids and are safe for even young children. It does not make them less effective when helping older kids and adults. Some of you may know some larger kids or adults that also need a little help with calming their “inner child”. These oils are just as helpful with calming adults who have had a “bad day”. It can not only help with calming emotions and the inner child in adults, but also calm the mind and help it get ready for sleep.

inner child

When using Spearmint essential oil, you want to make absolutely sure that it’s USDA certified organic. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your little ones.

Don’t sweat it any longer, just grab your Spearmint and cotton balls and have everyone take a few minutes to breathe deep and enjoy the calming and relaxing experience of this amazing oil!Spearmint2USDA round

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