What A Pain!

How many of us can relate to the pain in the body? Pain can manifest in so many places like the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, chest, stomach, joint, hip, knee, feet, muscles, and the list goes on and on. Why?


As we go about life our amazing body is always dealing with the stress we are putting it through. Pain is simply the bodies way of letting us know that we have stressed or strained or even done something worse to ourselves. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is very quick to just get you out of pain by taking pharmaceutical drugs that mask the pain response in the body but do nothing to get to the root of the problem and help the body heal.

Plants have been used since the beginning in helping the body with pain and there are some amazing superstars in this category. Several essential oils you may want to consider trying for pain are Peppermint, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Helichrysum, Marjoram, and Myrrh. Here’s a little info on each one:

Peppermint is the best oil to get you out of pain faster than any other essential oil. Not all peppermint  oils are created equal, but Purify’s USDA certified organic Peppermint is super strong and has the natural menthol needed to help pain faster than any other.


Lemongrass is so supportive to all the connective tissue in the body and is great for reducing inflammation. Definitely a must have when helping the body get out of pain and heal itself.


Black Pepper and Helichrysum are beautiful at helping to calm the nerve and the response of pain in the body. Also very good for painful nerve issues.

Black Pepper USDA  Helichrysum 15 ml

Marjoram is by far the best oil when it comes to helping with muscle issues in the body and will help with that deep muscle pain.

Marjoram USDA

Myrrh is like no other in its ability to keep you out of pain longer than any other oil. It takes a little time to kick in but then it really keeps that pain away and myrrh also helps wounds that won’t heal.


Hopefully you see that each oil has its own super strength. We always teach correct use and safety and when it comes to pain the best application is topically right over the area where there is pain. Use only enough to cover the area.

Some of you have heard of an oil called wintergreen and heard it is good for pain issues. We do not recommend wintergreen oil, and would also never use wintergreen essential oil because of its negative effect on the body as a neurotoxin. Yes, it’s a POISON and will eat away at your brain and central nervous system. Wintergreen is not a safe oil to use in home aromatherapy, and you should not use it or ANY blend with it because it is harmful to you.

Want a super powerful pain relieving oil? Holly has created one of the most amazing blends just for pain called Pain Ease. She has worked with so many clients with pain and the same oils kept coming up to help all of them. She decided to make this blend with that experience helping others. Her intention was to get them out of pain quickly, help the tissues eliminate inflammation, increase circulation, and keep you out of pain as long as possible. Pain Ease Blend is a superstar in each of these areas and it is by far Purify Skin Therapy’s best selling oil.

Pain Ease2

The best thing about Pain Ease Blend and these other oils is that they are all natural and non-habit forming. Purify also offers you USDA certiifed organic and wildcrafted essential oils, the highest grades. If you know pain, we know you will absolutely love Pain Ease!

Come see Holly at her live classes! Not able to see them live? Check out her videos on youtube anytime!

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