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Have you ever experienced that dull ache or even worse that mind blowing throbbing that won’t stop? The pain is real and you can’t wait for it to go away. We want you to be aware of some different holistic ways you can tackle these painful and even debilitating headaches.

Many are unaware that a mild headache can be your body telling you that you’re dehydrated. That’s right, in the afternoon when you experience a mild headache the root cause may be you need a big old fashion drink of WATER. Especially children who are experiencing headaches, this may be all they need. We have often had kids complain about headaches while at school and ask if they got a drink of water, and 100% of the time it is NO. So, remember to stay hydrated.


People experience headaches that can be caused by a variety of reasons like tight muscles, tired eyes, lack of sleep, tension, emotions, hormones, whining people, or just life. For these headaches, you will want to consider a blend of oils formulated for just this situation. We have the perfect blend called Headache Relief Serum. formulated for you by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.  It is made from only USDA certified organic premium therapeutic grade essential oils, and that is why it works SO GOOD. 

Headache USDA

Purify Skin Therapy’s Headache Relief Serum works on any kind of headache: cluster headaches, stress headaches, tension headaches, migraines, etc. Application is so easy because it comes in a handy roller bottle that you simply roll the oil blend around your hairline. Yes, roll it around your hairline by starting at the forehead and rolling down to the sideburn, over the ear, around the back of the neck, up over the other ear, around the sideburn, and back up to where you started. You can then gently massage the oils up into your hair and scalp. Careful at this point not to get these oils into your eyes, you will want to wash your hands. Almost immediately you will feel it working with a cooling, tingly sensation, and within minutes your headache is melting away.

Headache Relief Serum is good for more than just headaches and migraines! Because there’s a lot of organic Peppermint in this blend, it can be stimulating. It can be used to “wake you up” if you are getting drowsy in the morning, afternoon, driving, in a class, church, or any other time you want to be awake and alert.

More severe headaches can be the result of hormones or chemicals in the body. Many experience migraine headaches as a result of these conditions. We have an oil that will greatly help with the headache of this kind called Clary Sage.

Clary Sage USDA

The application is to place 2-3 drops on a cotton ball and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes as soon as you feel it coming on. We have even had people put 2 drops on half the cotton ball and shove it right up each nostril to breathe. This gently helps with the hormones and can calm that severe headache. This can also be combined with the Headache Relief Serum at the same time applying it in the halo described above.

As with trying to assist our body in being healthy and strong, consider what you are putting in your body as well as what you are putting on it. Use only USDA certified organic essential oils to guarantee you’re getting the cleanest oils with no toxic residues.

Headache USDA


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