Lemon Essential Oil: WARNING! What You Need to Know

Did you know that your Lemon (and all other citrus essential oils) must be USDA certified organic or you shouldn’t use it?

It is critical to:


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WHY?…because when citrus trees are sprayed with the pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers in conventional farming,really organic2 those toxic and poisonous residues that are left on the peel – 100% of those poisons go straight into that NON organic essential oil!

Don’t be fooled into using lower grade, toxin laced NON organic citrus oils. Make absolutely sure the USDA certified organic symbol is on your bottles of Lemon (and all other citrus essential oils). If the USDA certified organic symbol is NOT on your citrus oil bottles – then do not use that oil on or in your body.

“You must obtain an organic certification for citrus oils if they are to be used internally at all.”
-Dr. Jean Valnet, French Medical Doctor, World Famous Aromatherapist

“Organic plants are grown without the use of chemicals. When taking oils internally, it is important to use only those of certified organic quality.”
-Shirley Price, English Aromatherapist

“Many aromatic plants are grown with pesticides. Pesticides can cause a reaction that has nothing to do with the essential oil. Expressed essential oils from citrus plants are most likely to have high levels of pesticides, so always use organic citrus peel oils.”
-Jane Buckle, Registered Nurse and Aromatherapist.”

Organic oils are obviously the best because of the complete absence of unwanted chemicals such as pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
-Shirley Price, English Aromatherapist

What does certified organic Lemon Essential Oil do? It works a LOT better than NON organic lemon oil, to be sure! To watch a video all about what Lemon essential oil can do click here.

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