Cold and Flu Season ~ Have You Been Sick Yet?


Have you been sick yet? Anyone in your house been sick? With the seasons changing we are seeing more people asking us what to do when they start getting sick.

Essential oils can really give powerful assistance to and support the body when it’s being invaded by germs. It is difficult to explain everything essential oils do to assist your body with illness, but we will be sure to hit the highlights.

Let’s first discuss how often you will need to treat yourself. For illustration purposes imagine that the germ (a bacteria or a virus) that is invading your body is a small spark of fire. Fires are started by a small spark, they then begin to grow slowly, but as they grow suddenly the fire gets bigger and bigger and it grows faster and faster. Ever felt this with illness? This is because illness starts with a small exposure to a germ, but that germ gets busy really fast and starts propagating a full blown infection, literally overnight!


It may start with a little tickle in the back of your throat, and then that tickle turns into a scratch in your throat, then your nose and ears may start to feel clogged, your lymph in your neck may then swell, and in no time your whole body is feeling the effects of that germ’s infestation.

So how do you use essential oils to combat these pesky, illness causing germs? Attack them as soon as you start feeling ANY symptoms coming on. And by attack them, we mean use essential oils to help keep them at bay. For example, if my throat gave me the first sign of an illness symptom: a little tickle, a scratchy feeling, a cough; then I would immediately treat that tickle with a drop of essential oil. That may be just enough to put out that “spark” before it becomes a fire. If it doesn’t go away within a few minutes I would again use another drop and finish putting out that “spark”.


If a person has an illness that is a full blown “fire” then one drop of essential oil will be like putting a bucket of water on a forest fire. You may not see any difference. You would have to be much more aggressive with the essential oils and treat more frequently. The nice thing about all of our premium essential oil blends is that they come with a full sheet of instructions on exactly how to use the essential oil blends to aid you in the best and safest way possible so you can feel confident in using these essential oils to help you win the battle with the germ.

The best way when trying to get over being sick you will want to focus on three main areas: throat, lungs, and your immune system. To do this, we have three main immune boosting blends with their variations for age-appropriate persons using the oils.

Really, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

FIRST is the age appropriate Throat Care blend that was formulated with all of the best essential oils to assist the body in killing off pathogens in the throat and to help ease coughing. We give you seven different ways you can use this blend on the instruction sheet, to stop the illness in the throat where it gains strength. You can combine several of the different uses at the same time to give an extra shot of knockout power. Some people have completely avoided getting sick by using this oil early on in the invasion process.  We have a KIDS Throat Care blend and the adult version simply called Throat Care blend.

Kids Throat Care 8-10-16


Throat Care


SECOND, use the age appropriate Immune blend of essential oil. The Immune blends were created using all of the best essential oils to assist, boost, and strengthen your immune system. Of course, we also have age appropriate Immune blends. We have BABY Immune, KIDS Immune, Immune, and MEGA Immune. The nice thing about the Kid’s Immune and Immune is they are both safe to use daily as a preventative. This is great if you are around people you know are going to be sick or sending your kids into an environment where they will be susceptible to germs. For a preventative, you can put it on the soles of the feet in the morning before heading out, but that’s all in the instruction sheet of how to use these powerful immune boosting blends.

Baby Immune













Immune 8-10-16












Mega Immune 8-10-16


THIRD, if you feel that germ and its infestation have moved to your nose, throat, or lungs you will want to add the age appropriate Respiratory essential oil blend to the fight. The best application for this blend is to get those powerful aromatic molecules up into the air and breath those molecules all the way from your nose, down your throat and deep into your lungs. This will take 5-10 minutes breathing this oil from a diffuser. All of the best oils to get the garbage out, fight the germ, open you up, and boost your immune system are in this Respiratory blend. Again, because we here at Purify Skin Therapy practice safe and age appropriate aromatherapy, we have the KIDS Respiratory blend and the adult Respiratory blend.

Kids Respiratory


Respiratory 8-10-16













Want to save time AND money? We’ve created a pack with all three of these powerful blends.

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With these three powerful essential oil blends generally you can knock out the germ that is invading, help support your immune system and significantly shorten the length of illness time of recovery by following the instructions given with each blend. Good luck and BE WELL!

For more information about all Purify Skin Therapy’s powerful blends, formulated by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, click here.



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