How Important Is Sleep To You?


One of the issues that really “wakes” people up to talk about is sleep. Many factors contribute to a restful sleep that allows your body to get time to recover and regenerate itself for another day. Many people struggle to get that sleep on a consistent basis and are willing to try just about anything to get assistance in having better sleep. Unfortunately many products meant to assist in sleeping can leave a person dependent on such aid or drowsy long after they need.

Do essential oils help? Absolutely!

Having said that you need to know which oils will help with sleep. This is where it becomes more complicated. Have you heard that Lavender is a great oil to help you sleep better, only to find out it actually kept you awake? This is because Lavender is a great help to aid in sleep, but it only works for half of the people. Is Lavender oil the oils to help you sleep? How can one know?


Before we can specify which oils will help YOU sleep better, it’s important to understand that there are two dominant nervous system types: Sympathetic dominant or a Parasympathetic dominant. Everyone has both of these running in their bodies, but we tend to be dominant in one of them. Our Master blender and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist has formulated with great care TWO blends for sleep, one for each nervous system type. So which one will work best for you?

Which Type Are You?

It reveals itself when we get really stressed, when you are really, really stressed, or have had a very bad day. So that we can identify which nervous system type is dominant for you, imagine that you have had the worst stressful day. We are talking you just found out you are being foreclosed on, lost your job, found very concerning health news, had a loved in an accident… that type of stuff. Feel that stress rising?

Under this major stress factors one will generally tip their hand as to how they are wired. You will either have the fight/flight instinct kick in or you will have a great desire to nestle down and rest. The Sympathetic type is the one that under such stress will need to get up and work, exercise, move, go, go, go. The Parasympathetic type under such stress will want to get a blanket, snuggle down, possibly eat, and lay low. Now that you hopefully know we can look at the oils that can aid with sleep.

Now ask yourself these questions:

Am I the kind of person that when I am really stressed out I want to walk or run it off or work it off or go punch something, also you tend to get an upset stomach, gassy, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation when highly stressed, reading a book for 3 days straight and ignoring everything else would drive you nuts. Then you are sympathetic system dominant, and the RELAX blend has the essential oils that will relax your system so you may sleep better.


Am I the kind of person that when I am really stressed out I want to snuggle up and rest. You feel like snuggling down, sleeping, resting, pulling a blanket over you and you may want to eat something and just nestle down, cocoon in. You also tend to hold onto emotional things and not let them go. Reading a book for three days straight and ignoring everything else would delight you if you had the right book. Then you are parasympathetic dominant, and the RELEASE blend has the essential oils that will relax your system so you can sleep better.

Do You Know Which Type You Are?

sleep image2

If you are Sympathetic dominant, the RELAX blend will work best for you. RELAX Blend are the oils that work best in calming the mind for a better sleep of the Sympathetic type. It has the oils of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Petitgrain, Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Sweet Marjoram, Red Mandarin, and Vetiver. Any of these single oils can aid with calming and help with a more restful sleep. If you are one that wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t turn off your mind, then you will want to consider this blend in quieting the mind and allowing you to get back to sleep as well.

The RELAX blend is also the blend to help calm and focus your mind. Works great for kids in school who have problems concentrating. It calms and focuses the mind and is physically calming, great to use any time of day.

Relax 8-10-16

If you are Parasympathetic dominant, the RELEASE blend will work best for you. RELEASE Blend are the oils that work to calm and relax the Parasympathetic type. It has the oils of Lavender, Balsam Fir, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Cypress. This blend of oils allows one to release emotions that may stir one up and make it difficult to calm down to get that restful sleep needed.

The RELEASE blend can also aid your body to release very low-frequency emotions like anger, hate, frustration, anxiety, rage, etc. so you can have calm peace. It is powerful enough to release these low-frequency emotions from the cells of your body so you can enter into calm. This combination can emotionally calm you and let your physical body get the rest it needs. We have many body workers who love to use this blend as a finish to their therapies. It works to calm a person and works for emotional release. A really useful and beautiful blend. This blend is also a great choice for a massage!

Release 8-10-16

It is highly recommended to use Spearmint essential oil with either blend you choose. If you first inhale Spearmint essential oil for about 5 to 10 minutes, emotionally it nurtures and calms your inner child. Then inhale the Relax or Release blend for about 5 to 10 minutes.




What’s the Application for Enhancing Sleep?

These are so easy to use! The application is simply to inhale the essential oil. Place 2-3 drops of your oil on a cotton ball and breath deeply for 5-10 minutes RIGHT before you are ready to lay down on your pillow and lights out. You can also place the cotton ball next to your pillow to continue to breathe the oils throughout the night. If you wake up and feel the smell is too strong simply throw the cotton ball on the nightstand or ground.

Need to calm your inner child?

Many times stress can be a factor in preventing a restful sleep or make it difficult to go to sleep. We have seen great things happen if you first calm yourself before using one of these blends. As adults we are not always able to express ourselves and how we truly feel. This by many is considered our “inner child”. Sometimes that little person inside us is raging and is very upset. Consider breathing in either Spearmint oil or Mandarin red oil to help calm your inner child. Place a couple drops of one of these oils on a cotton ball and breathe them deeply for 5-10 minutes. Both of these oils also help to calm the inner child, and is also great for kids!

Need an energy clearing to make your space more peaceful?

One more thing to consider before getting ready to sleep. We have energy all around us, and sometimes there may be an energy in our bedroom that is negative, stagnant, or unsettling. If you have kids they sometimes sense this energy and express concern or fear. They just are sensitive to the energy around them and don’t like it. CLEAN & CLEAR Blend was formulated to clean air and surfaces as well as clear energy. Simply mix a few drops of the CLEAN & CLEAR blend with water in a mister bottle and spray the room, bedding, pillow, and yourself before going to bed and feel the energy lighten and dissipate, and you will feel the difference.

Essential oils can absolutely aid with a better more restful sleep. No two people are the same so don’t get stuck if one oil doesn’t help. Just keep playing with it until you find your oil or blend that helps you relax, calm and sleep better.

Try one of these TODAY for better sleep TONIGHT!

sleep image1
Relax 8-10-16Release 8-10-16SpearmintUSDAMandarin Red USDAClean and Clear 8-10-16

And the BEST Part of All…

Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils and essential oil blends are made ONLY of USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils. These are the cleanest, most pure oils on the market. Try them, we believe you will see the difference.

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