“Therapeutic Grade” vs. Organic = NOT the Same Thing

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade is “THE BEST”. It’s what you want to look for in essential oils……..WAIT A MINUTE! Even though we’ve all heard this, let’s look at this a little closer to see if it’s really true.

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Is therapeutic grade really the best sign of quality with essential oils? Is this the sign of quality you want to be looking for in essential oils? Are there any regulating bodies that govern the use of therapeutic grade? The answer to all of these questions is NO.




The first thing you should know is that ANYONE with ANY product, no matter how diluted or adulterated, can use the term “100% pure therapeutic grade” right on their labels. It’s true. This term is completely UNregulated, which means anyone can use it regardless if they’re selling good products…or not. You could even go down to the river and scoop up some mud in a jar and sell it as 100% pure therapeutic grade mud. Regardless of if it’s really beneficial for the body or not, you can label pretty much any product you want 100% pure therapeutic grade.

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

  • So if ANYONE can use this term
  • and it is completely UNregulated is it a REAL sign of quality?
  • The answer is NO.

Is there a standard for essential oils that IS regulated? One that you can have trust in to verify the cleanliness and quality of essential oils? YES. It is the USDA certified organic. 

USDA Certified Organic

  • NOT everyone can use this term (you must be USDA certified and compliant)
  • This term IS highly regulated
  • So is this term a REAL sign of quality?
  • The answer is YES.

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Can anyone say they are “organic”? NO. The USDA stepped in to protect the consumer and actually owns the word “organic”. At first this seems wrong, but if you understand WHY the USDA did this then it makes a lot of sense. They did this because there were, and are, so many companies out there claiming to have organic, clean products but then selling non-organic products for a premium organic price. Basically lying to and deceiving consumers into thinking they’re getting a better quality item than they actually are. So to protect the consumer from dishonest companies, in 2002 the USDA made it illegal to claim to have organic products unless you can actually prove that you really have organic products.

Because of this, companies can no longer put organic, certified organic, or anything leading consumers to believe a product is better than organic (no such thing) on their labels, literature, or marketing materials. They did this to prevent companies lying and misleading the consumer. If companies have organic products, they have to actually prove it to the USDA – which then proves it to the consumer – with the USDA certified organic seal. Once they prove they actually have organic products then they can put the USDA certified organic seal on their labels. These are the companies that are doing it right, and legally. Support them! They are going through the federally required steps to show the consumer they actually have organic products.

really organic2

Let’s look at some common myths on the subject:



The USDA does not certify essential oils.


Does the USDA certify essential oils? The answer is YES, of course they do.


So-and-so company has organic oils, but they can’t get certified organic oils from outside the USA, so they can’t put it on their labels.


You absolutely CAN get certified organic essential oils from outside the USA. Purify Skin Therapy sourced MOST of their certified organic essential oils outside of the USA. Companies are perpetuating this lie because certified organic essential oils can cost up to 7 times more than non-organic oils, they could get them if they wanted to, but most companies don’t want to pay more for certified organic oils. It can really cut into your profit. So-and-so company wants people to believe their oils are organic, but unless they’re willing and able to prove it through USDA certification…don’t believe them. If you really want to be a savvy consumer and not be fooled: Look for the USDA certified organic seal on the label of your bottle. That way you know for sure you’re getting the highest quality clean essential oils from the best sources all over the world.


USDA certification really doesn’t mean anything.


USDA certification guarantees you that the plants used to make the oil come from nonGMO seeds. It guarantees you that the plants were raised according to National Organic Standards and that no toxic or synthetic biocides are used on the plant. It guarantees you that the plant is harvested and handled according to strict standard for organic products. This is the quality the other companies want you to believe they have – but they can’t prove it. The USDA proves it and guarantees you are really getting this quality.

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Purify Skin Therapy has raised the bar in essential oil quality, and now you are guaranteed you’re actually getting the quality you think you are. Most of our clients will tell you: You can smell the difference!


Purify Skin Therapy now offers:

  • 44 individual USDA Certified Organic essential oils
  • 14 wildcrafted single oils
  • 44 custom blends made in small batches by hand only from those USDA certified organic and wildcrafted single oils, and all our oils are bottled by hand

Try them. We believe you’ll see a difference!

10 TOP pack USDA clearwith USDA


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