What If Essential Oils Get HOT On My Skin? Learn from my mistakes!

Essential Oils 101 – Now That’s HOT!

When I first started out using essential oils, I was so sure that everything I was doing was 100% correct. I was being taught by someone who proclaimed himself an expert. Turns our he had NO formal education in essential oils at all. I also thought his essential oils were the BEST – because he told me so, and I BELIEVED him. Turns out he was using very cheap, low grade, nonorganic essential oils. When I realized the truth my heart was broken. Not only did I buy huge stocks of those crappy oils, I had told everyone who would listen to me that they were the best. Boy, was I dreadfully misinformed!

My advice to you: beware of self-proclaimed essential oil experts who have no real accredited training in essential oils! And as far as essential oils go: Look for USDA certified organic seal right on the label of the bottle to ensure you’re really getting the quality of oil you think you are. And you’ll be light years ahead of where I started!


We are all doing the best we can with the education we have. I am now a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Internationally Registered Aromatherapist, and finishing a 4 year Masters Degree in CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) and Aromatherapy. Now I have attained the best education on essential oils available. Let me help you learn something important.

When we learn better information, we do better.

Let Me Tell You a Little Experience I Had

Years ago, I was putting some essential oils on the back of my child because that was what I was told to do for the application. I was so happy, and felt so good that I was helping. The child felt like I was helping and knew I loved them. Then, all of the sudden that look turned completely around to pain and sadness. The child kept saying, “It’s HOT!” How could this be? I had used it on myself and it didn’t feel HOT to me. Not knowing what to do I did what anyone would and tried to wash it off with water. To my surprise, the burning didn’t stop at all. I simply didn’t know what to do in that situation.

First of all, when applying essential oils to the back of a child, please dilute them in a good carrier oil. But what if you still dilute the essential oils and it still burns?

Now I know exactly what to do to stop that burning if an oil becomes HOT on the skin, and it works in seconds. I am sharing this because not all oils are hot to everyone, but to some they can be very hot. Each oil and each person are different. By their very nature, some oils are extremely HOT and should be used very carefully in how they are applied and diluted. If for any reason an oil becomes hot after you apply it to your skin, all you need to do is apply a carrier oil on top of it.


A carrier oil for this can be any oil that is handy. Obviously, it’s best if you have a good carrier oil like these ones here (above). Otherwise you can use olive oil, vegetable oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, even butter can be used to apply over the “HOT” essential oil. By applying a carrier oil on top of the essential oils it dilutes the essential oil and slows the absorption and very quickly will make the burning stop. You can then wipe away the excess. From my example above you should know that the wrong thing to do is try and wash it off with water and more specifically hot water. Oil and water repel each other, and doing this actually is driving the essential oil in faster and deeper which will feel even hotter.

You never know if an essential oil will become hot in someone you are helping. So it’s good to know and remember this info.

Safely using essential oils is the reason I do what I do. I hate hearing about people harming themselves and their loved ones because they just don’t know better. The oil you use, the way you apply it, and who you are helping are all part of the equation when using oils safely. I so hope this helps any of you starting out or even those of you who want to do a little better!

Holly Draper RA, CA


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