Essential Oils for the Brain


One of the most critical parts of the body is the brain. Proper brain function is something we all take for granted until we notice something slipping and become aware of how vital it is. Memory, concentration, clarity, focus, creative thinking, logical thinking, and so many functions we don’t even think about.

Do essential oils help with the brain?

Absolutely! Essential oils have a long rich history of aiding healthy brain function. Here are some singles and a few blends to consider when aiding the brain. Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Focus and Memory Blend, and Relax Blend are all great to help with the brain. 

We could spend hours on this, but I want to share some highlights:

Lemon is great for the left side of the brain or the logical processing part of the brain. Just remember Left and Lemon both start with L!


Orange is great for the right side of the brain or the creative processes, art, dancing, rhythm, etc.


Rosemary is considered the herb of remembrance and the essential oil does not disappoint in aiding this same benefit.

Rosemary USDA

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years and really shines when it comes to helping with the brain, specifically when there’s been brain injury.

Frankincense 9-1-16

Balsam Fir is a superstar in helping us see things clearly and as they really are. If clarity is needed this one will be beneficial.

balsam fir3

Remember as you combine several single essential oils you get a synergy by bringing them all together that can be so helpful in assisting the body. Synergies, or blends, are more powerful than single oils, and we have blends formulated by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Focus and Memory is a proprietary blend of all the best oils that were formulated with the intention of promoting healthy brain function. Every essential oil in this blend was added for its characteristics that are beneficial for the brain.

Focus and Memory 8-10-16

Relax is a good blend for helping with concentration. Anyone who has trouble with this may find help with this blend that is so grounding and allows you to be present and not carried away in thoughts.

Relax 8-10-16

What about application?

We hear all kinds of crazy things about application when it comes to applying to the brain. It is kind of tricky because of the protective skull that is all around it. Hands down the two best applications for the brain would be inhalation (which would be diffusing the essential oils or breathing them off a cotton ball) and topical application around the base of the skull. This topical application could start at your temples, go over the ear, behind the ear, and across the back of the neck. That allows those essential oils to absorb into areas immediately connecting to the brain.

As always, remember a cleaner healthier plant produces a cleaner healthier essential oil that your body will respond better to especially the brain!



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