Citrus Oils – Need to Know


Citrus essential oils are a bit different than other essential oils. They are cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. It means the way that they are extracted is they take the peel and press it and the oil comes off and is gathered, no further heat or processing is involved. This simple process is good and bad. Good because it provides you with such a clean pure product, and bad because if the citrus fruit is NOT certified organic (and has been sprayed with ANY toxic or harsh pesticides, larvicides, insecticides) then 100% of the toxic chemicals that are on the peel of the fruit go into the expressed citrus essential oil.

“There are over 400 chemical biocides (pesticides or herbicides) that might be used on aromatic plants, and many of these do carry over during the steam distillation process. The products of cold pressed citrus oils are even more likely to retain any biocides.” ~Robert Tisserand

That is why it’s critically important that when you use citrus oils you are only using USDA certified organic citrus oils, otherwise, they contain very high concentrations of toxic chemicals in your citrus essential oils!

ALL non-organic citrus essential oils contain high concentrations of toxic chemicals!

Now you know! And from now on you won’t want to buy non-organic citrus oils.

Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company that ensures that ALL of our cold pressed citrus essential oils are USDA certified organic.

Citrusget organic

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