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Ready for School?

We get a lot of question on how oils can help kids with issues they often face while in school. Can you relate to any these issues?

Question 1: Are there oils that help a child when they are nervous or anxious?

Answer: Yes, when it comes to emotions and emotional issues, essential oils are invaluable! We have a blend specially formulated for nervous or anxious feelings, called Peace of Mind that has all the essential oils combined that help with these emotions. Quite simply the child will breathe deeply from a cotton ball with 1 to 2 drops of this blend for 5 to 10 minutes. Singles oils that can calm and help with emotions would be Red Mandarin and Spearmint with the same application.


Question 2: My child seems to pick up on every bug at school, is there an oil that will help with not getting sick?

Answer: Yes, essential oils are very beneficial to help boost the immune system! Purify has a blend called Kid’s Immune that is safe for daily use. It was formulated with all the best essential oils for children between the ages of one and ten to support their immune systems. If they are older than 10 the Immune blend would be better. The best application is applying the oil before they go to school on the bottom of each foot. This supports them through the entire day. Another suggestion is to help them recognize the first signs of when a pathogen is attacking the body. Generally, it will start with a scratch or itch in the back of the throat. The faster one recognizes the beginning the better and faster you can wipe it out completely. Kid’s Throat Care, or Tea Tree can be used at the first sign of a pathogen attack. The application can be swab the back of the throat, make a throat spray, make an essential oil medicinal honey, or topically on the throat and behind the ears. Both of these blends come with a sheet of instructions on how to use them, so you have it in detail when you purchase them.


Question 3: My child has a hard time sitting still and focusing, is there an oil that helps?

Answer: Yes, essential oils can absolutely be used when a child is having a hard time focusing. We have a blend of essential oils that helps calm, relax, and aid with focus and concentration that is called Relax Blend. The application is inhalation by simply placing one to three drops of the blend on a cotton ball and breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Anytime there is need just breathe the oils. This works great using our Aromatherapy Wristbands. These make it super simple for kids to use their essential oils at school.


Question 4: I just want to know if there are oils that help with learning and helping my child learn, are there oils that help?

Great question! There are oils that absolutely help with learning. Two of the most common oils are extremely beneficial. Lemon stimulates the left side of the brain and Orange stimulates the right side of the brain. Just breathing these oils helps stimulate the brain which helps with the learning. We also have a blend called Focus & Memory which helps stimulate healthy brain function and focus.


Question 5: I can’t send the oils with my children because they schools don’t allow one to self-medicate. How do I have my kids use the oils without sending the bottle with them?

Answer: Many of the applications for school use are simply inhalation. This can be done easily and as simply as placing a cotton ball with 1 to 3 drops on it placed in a small zip-lock bag. Your student would just need to pull out the cotton ball and breathe deeply from the cotton ball when they were in need of the oil. There are also Aromatherapy Necklaces and Aromatherapy Wristbands that can also have drops of oil placed on them and allow your child to breathe the oils throughout the day. 

Hope you got some good idea on how your child can benefit from the world of aromatherapy through the school year. Cheers!

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