Manuka, yes, it comes in an Essential Oil!

You may have heard of Manuka honey which is highly sought after for its medicinal properties. It has exponentially greater benefits for your body than regular honey because of trace amounts of manuka in the honey from the bees that made the honey. Now imagine having an essential oil of pure Manuka oil with concentrated disinfecting and healing properties!


The benefits of Manuka essential oil are its strength when it comes to helping cuts, scrapes, and wounds heal. It does an amazing job of cleaning those injuries of anything that may lead to an infection and has the ability to help the wound recover faster. It is similar in what it does to Tea Tree essential oil, and has many of the same properties as Tea Tree essential oil. The thing that makes Manuka different than Tea Tree is that when it is applied topically it does not dry out the skin. When you use Tea Tree topically on the skin you will see the skin turn white because it is so drying (good for cases of puss or oozing, like acne for example). Manuka is so nice in that it almost moisturizes the skin while treating it. Manuka is useful for cases of any kind of wound or cut, infections and illness. Manuka has also been used successfully in helping with both bacteria and virus related issues. It is such a useful oil and can be used in so many diverse situations. 

The beautiful thing about Manuka essential oil is that it is even more gentle and toning for the body than Tea Tree oil is. Gentle yet incredibly effective!

In Europe, Manuka is inhaled to help with feelings of anxiety and fear-related stress. It is also relaxing when inhaled.

Our lovely 100% pure Manuka essential oil is wildcrafted, which means it is completely UNsprayed by any toxic pesticides, and it is sustainably harvested from New Zealand where it grows better than any other place in the world.

If you are looking for something that is very versatile in its use and effective in aiding your body with common ailments you will surely want to consider having Manuka on hand for just such an occasion.


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