Miraculous Melissa Essential Oil

As you build up your supply of essential oils, remember that plants are superstars in their ability to work with our bodies for support, aid and benefits that can be realized. The more you know, the better you will do in working with your body. I want to share with you an essential oil that may not be a household name, but when you know what it is good for you will be grateful to have it in your arsenal.

Miraculous Organic Melissa Essential Oil



Melissa is an essential oil that we really must talk about. We meet so many people at shows and expos that are very adamant that they do not like Lavender. For whatever the reason Lavender is offensive to them. The reason this is so concerning is that if you were to characterize an essential oil as one that was good for pretty much everything, that oil would be Lavender. Well, now you have another option. Melissa essential oil is very much like Lavender in that it is good for everything.

Whether you need help with a low frequency emotion pulling you down, help being calm, relaxed, pain, a burn, skin problem, wound, breathing or anything else you can think of Melissa is going to be wonderful. If you were limited in the oils you could have on hand, this oil would for sure be one that would be extremely beneficial for so many things.

Melissa essential oil is great for the brain and helps with memory. It has a very strong ability to fight cold sores and other viruses, as it is renowned for being a strong anti viral oil. It helps lower blood pressure due to its calming effect and has also been called a “tonic for the heart”. It will help with cramps and bloating, as well as stimulate the liver. It is very energizing and boosts the immune system. Melissa also helps with those who are dealing with the loss and grief of a loved one. Melissa can also help one release anger in times of crisis or trauma.


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