What to Look For in Superior Essential Oils ~ How to Tell the Difference

The Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World Have the Following:

1. Certified Organic

This is so important! If your essential oils are not certified organic and carry the USDA seal right on the label of every bottle, then there are toxic pesticides in that oil. When using medicine from plants, you must ensure that you are getting those plants that are completely unsprayed. The only way to guarantee this is to verify that each oil is certified organic or wildcrafted. 80% of all Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are USDA certified organic.


2. Wildcrafted

This is the other highest quality oil. Wildcrafted essential oils grow in the wild, are not sprayed, and are ethically and sustainably harvested. The other 20% of all Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are wildcrafted. If a bottle of essential oil is really wildcrafted it will state “wildcrafted” right on the label. Otherwise, it is not.

3. When it comes to essential oils say NO to conventional farming

Conventional farming is where they use billions of pounds a year of toxic pesticides, larvicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. sprayed on the plants. These toxic chemicals come through the extraction process and are concentrated in the resulting essential oils produced from conventional farming – toxifying the essential oil. It’s ironic that all those big companies selling oils ONLY have this grade of oil, yet claim to have the best oils! Be careful of these false marketing claims. Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company in the state of Utah that does not carry ANY (not one!) conventional grade essential oils. Most other essential oil companies ONLY have this grade. You can identify conventional grade essential oils because they have “100% therapeutic grade” written on the label, or other such language, but do not say ORGANIC or WILDCRAFTED on the label.

3. Tested for Quality

Purify Skin Therapy runs each batch of oil through 9 stringent quality tests including GC/MS lab work, optical rotation, and organoleptic testing by a certified professional, just to name a few.

4. The company has a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Purify Skin Therapy is also the only company in the state of Utah who has a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Let me say that again….We are the only company in Utah that has ANYONE actually TRAINED in aromatherapy! You know those big essential oil companies that sell tons of oils? None of them have anyone actually trained or certified in correct aromatherapy. That should say something to you! Get your oils and your aromatherapy advice from someone who knows what they’re doing!

5. Bottled in cobalt blue glass bottles

Purify Skin Therapy uses only cobalt blue glass bottles. They cost four times more than the cheap amber brown bottles, but cobalt blue glass protects your precious essential oils better from light and UV rays. Essential oils in cobalt blue glass bottles will have longer shelf life.

7. Hand bottled

Again, Purify Skin Therapy is the only essential oil company in Utah that only hand pours or hand bottles the essential oils. This prevents the cross contamination of machine bottling, and ensures you are ONLY getting the pure oil listed on the label.

Purify Skin Therapy

We are the only company in the state of Utah that offers you all of these quality points, and more. Are these points important to you? They are to us, and they make such a difference in the quality of your essential oils. One smell and you can smell the difference this attention to quality makes! Try them and you too will see the difference.


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