Bloody Noses & Bleeding

Sometimes getting bloody noses is a phase kids go through, sometimes it’s something else. But if you get them you’ll want to have our certified organic Rose Geranium oil on hand.

Organic Rose Geranium oil is unique in that it can regulate blood in the body. It can stop bleeding, and it also promotes wound healing, great for wounds that bleed!


For bloody noses take a single drop of our powerful organic Rose Geranium oil and apply it to the mustache area below the nose, and also with the same drop apply some across the bridge of the nose with a pinching motion over the bridge of the nose. You will see the bloody nose soon stop.

Like I mentioned, you can also drop a drop of Rose Geranium into bleeding wounds to get them to stop bleeding. Rose Geranium is a fantastic oil to help regulate blood in the body. Get some today!


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