Nutmeg, the Mysterious Essential Oil



Organic Nutmeg essential oil is lesser known, but it’s truly a remarkable essential oil.

Organic Nutmeg essential oil is a rich, spicy, warm sweet aroma that is calming, relaxing, and grounding. At first smell from the bottle Nutmeg smells faint, but if you’re lucky enough to try Purify’s sweet, fresh organic Nutmeg oil and apply some to your wrist, you will soon notice how strong and spicy this oil becomes as it blossoms on  your skin.

Nutmeg has a long history as a perfume and as a medicine. The Arab traders brought Nutmeg to Europe around 540 AD where it gained popularity. The rich aroma of Nutmeg quickly made it a prized commodity as a perfume or in perfume blends and can be used as a natural therapeutic perfume.

Nutmeg has many therapeutic qualities. One of Nutmeg’s most important properties is pain relieving or analgesic action. It can be used or combined with other essential oils and used for inflammation, pain, arthritis, gout, muscle aches and pains, neuralgia, rheumatism, sore muscles, lumbago, and for toothaches. Nutmeg essential oil is beneficial to the heart and the circulatory system, making it an excellent choice for poor circulation. It’s also a warming oil, and is beneficial for the circulation and warming the blood. It’s also beneficial for the brain, the liver, and the kidneys. It’s antimicrobial and helps with inflammation and infections. It’s stimulating to the digestion and useful for indigestion, nausea, and flatulence.

Ancient Chinese Medicine considers Nutmeg an aphrodisiac, it is a relaxing scent, lowers blood pressure, creates a euphoric feeling or even an intoxicating feeling. It also strengthens and stimulates the body. Nutmeg is helpful with lack of energy, tiredness, and depression. Nutmeg also helps with frigidity, impotence, nervous fatigue. Nutmeg essential oil has constituents which can have profound effects on the central nervous system. It can act as a stimulant or a depressant of the central nervous system. It’s an energetic essential oil that benefits the third eye chakra and helps develop psychic insight. Nutmeg influences dreaming and dream activity making dreams more intense and colorful.

To make sure you’re getting truly organic Nutmeg essential oil be sure the USDA organic seal is on the label. Then you’ll be sure it does not contain any pesticide residue. We have compared our beautify sweet, spicy organic Nutmeg essential oil to several other brands. Our was the sweetest, spiciest smelling and longest lasting. You won’t be disappointed! As always Purify Skin Therapy offers you the highest quality essential oils on the market. Order your organic Nutmeg essential oil today.



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