The Respiratory Blend You Need This Winter

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Purify’s organic Respiratory Blend is power packed with the cleanest, purest, organic (so pesticide free) essential oils to boost and support your entire respiratory system.

Do you feel congested, stuffy, under the weather, or down right sick? Have you been coughing or not sleeping well? This is the respiratory boosting, immune boosting essential oil blend you need to get you up and going again.

Purify’s Respiratory Blend is good for everything from the top of the sinuses to the bottom of the lungs. This blend has a unique affinity to aid and support the entire respiratory system. Respiratory Blend is a blend of organic essential oils beneficial to the respiratory system that can open, unclog, and support your physical respiratory system and they also work to open and unclog emotional issues too.

Diffuse or inhale this blend in cases of any upper respiratory infection or any bronchial, lung, or lower lung issue. You don’t have to have a diffuser to use this blend. If you don’t have a diffuser then just drop a drop or two of this blend onto a cotton ball, hold that under your nose, and inhale deeply for 2 to 8 minutes.

We care that you are able to use this blend effectively and safely, so we will include a full sheet of instructions with the purchase of this oil. It includes what the blend is formulated for, dilution, different methods of application, and the most common uses of this essential oil blend. These instructions will help you know how to use this blend for best results.


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