How to Tell if Your Orange Oil is Actually Organic

How to Tell if Your Orange Oil is Actually Organic

It’s tricky in the market today to know if an essential oil is actually organic or not. How can one really tell? Thankfully there is a 100% reliable way to be able to tell if an essential is truly organic or not.

Just like food, you want to see the USDA organic seal right on the label of the bottle. If that USDA organic seal is not on the label, then that oil is not organic. That’s it. There is no company out there that is actually selling organic essential oils but just not putting it on the label, because that is illegal in this country. So look for the USDA organic seal on the label for higher quality, pesticide free, organic essential oil.

Sweet orange is one of my favorite citrus essential oils. Talk about a mouth watering, sweet, citrus blast. Because Purify’s organic Orange oil is certified organic, it’s ultimately clean and pure, with no trace of pesticides. Sweet orange essential oil has many amazing benefits.

Orange is a mood lifter, and It helps calm anxiety, depressed, or negative moods. The smell is so sweet and fresh that it lifts your mood with just a quick whiff. Diffuse it for a citrus-y heavenly scented room. If you use it like this it also stimulated the right side of the brain, or creative thinking, dance, art, and music.

Orange is also amazing for the skin. It is good for collagen production, and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging. This can help smooth wrinkles and fine lines overtime. Add it to your skin.

Orange is also an amazing cleaner and de-greaser. This is why it’s put in so many cleaning products. You can use pure orange (and lemon!) oil in your home cleaning products for healthy green cleaning that is good for you and your brain.

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