Dare I say….Parasites?

We all know that life is going faster and faster. We really don’t have time to take care of ourselves as much as we would like. The beginning of the year is a great time to renew our resolve to be healthier, but that is way in the rear view mirror.

I want to share with you something that helped me drop a little weight and I didn’t have to do anything other than what I am going to share with you now. Learning about my body, I found out that over time we pick up what I am going to refer to as “stuff”. This stuff is more specifically parasites and worms. When I learned of the possibility that I could have this stuff in my body, I was like NO WAY!!!!! I resigned the fact that because I do eat meat and eat food that is mass produced I could be lugging around stuff. Stuff over time slows our systems down and can negatively affect our bodies.

The great news is that this is very easily remedied. When you go to the drug store and get a “medicine” for parasites and worms it may have 2-3 active ingredients that will help with eliminating your stuff. Organic GINGER essential oil has over 40 constituents that help fight off and eliminate stuff! YES, YES, YES! The protocol for a parasite/worm cleanse is to take an organic Ginger capsule three times a day right before your meal. You do this for one week and that will kill of all of the adults, but it will not kill off the eggs that may have not hatched. Week two you don’t do anything, and eat normally. Week three you repeat week 1 taking an organic Ginger capsule three times a day before a meal for the entire week. This is an effective cleanse, but if you feel it’s too strong for you you can always ease off this dosage. Listen to your body, and if you need to even stop the cleanse for any reason, do so.

A Ginger Capsule is simply taking our USDA Certified Organic Ginger Essential Oil and placing 3-4 drops into a veggie capsule and filling the remainder of the capsule up with a carrier oil or even extra virgin olive oil. Once the capsule is full you place the lid on and roll the capsule between your hands to mix the oil and take it before your meal. Please do not take non-organic essential oils internally as any toxins (read: pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, etc. that are found in ALL non organic oils), those toxins in that oil will go strait to you liver and cause it to be more toxic and trust me it has plenty to deal with already without piling on. See that USDA organic seal on the side of that Ginger bottle below? That is an truly organic Ginger oil.

My experience with this parasite cleanse was at first a little rough. As they died off I felt sluggish and almost like I has a slight flew. Then I started to get more energy feel lighter and healthier. Doing nothing different in my routine I lost a couple of lbs, not too bad! That’s because organic Ginger essential oil also increases your digestion and is great for your whole digestive tract.  Don’t ever do more than one cleanse at a time, and give yourself a little time for your body to rest between cleanses. Do not take capsules for longer than is recommended. I recommend doing this once a year depending on your diet and health.

Ginger USDA


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