Diffuser Questions Answered

Diffuser Questions Answered


Diffusing essential oils is one of the best ways to use essential oils. It gets them into your respiratory system quickly and can do much good there, depending on your diffuser. So how do you know which diffusers are the best to use? Holly Draper, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, answers these questions for you.

There are all kinds of diffusers flooding the marketplace. But I’m very picky about the diffuser I use. Most diffusers are water based diffusers. This means you have to put like 8 to 10 oz. of water into the diffuser and add a couple drops of essential oil to that water to be diffused. This is nice to scent up a room, but this diffuser is outputting mostly water, with less than 1% of what’s coming out of it being essential oil. This amount of application really doesn’t do much for your immune system.

On the other hand, Purify Skin Therapy carried a sweet diffuser that does not use any water at all. You actually hook your essential oil bottle right to the diffuser, and it pulls the essential oil right from your bottle and diffuses the essential oil into the air. This means that 100% of what is coming out of this diffuser is essential oil. You can easily use this diffuser to scent up a room (which it can do quite quickly, and you can also use this kind of diffuser for medicinal doses of essential oils that do amazing things for your respiratory system and to boost and support your immune system.

You’d think that a diffuser like this would use your oil up quickly, and it can…. but not if you use it correctly. If you use this diffuser right you not only use less oil, but you get it when you need it and there’s no waste (like when you want to change out the scent in your water diffuser and you have to throw out the water in it, and oils too). We recommend you use this diffuser when you get sick. It will more quickly, efficiently, and with no waste get the oils where they need to be. After using many diffusers over the years, this one is hands down my favorite one.




Diffuser Instructions

This diffuser is different than other diffusers and we like it because:

  1. It saves on your essential oils, no waste, no mess
  2. It does not use any water (Ideally, you want a diffuser that does not use water. Water diffusers are not nearly as good as this one)
  3. It has a volume knob (the bottom one) that you can completely control how much oil it puts out by turning it up or down (obviously the higher you set it, the more essential oil it will use)
  4. It also has a timer. The top knob should be set to how long you want the diffuser to run. The middle knob should be set to how long you want the diffuser to rest in between running times.
  5. Because this unit does not use water, it puts straight essential oil up into the air
  6. Because this unit puts straight essential oil into the air you can get a medicinal dose of the oil, something not possible with water based diffusers

There are only two drawbacks to this diffuser:

  1.   It does make a soft motor noise, like a white noise, it is not completely silent. It is NOT recommended to run this diffuser through the night, so there will be no issue with sleeping and the white noise. If you want to breathe in healing essential oils at night we recommend you turn the diffuser on in your bedroom and let it run until the scent is in the room then turn the diffuser off. Or set a Christmas tree timer to turn the unit off after about an hour of running (see next point). As you sleep you will breathe the oils out of the air for several hours even after the diffuser is turned off. Running the diffuser all night simply is a waste of your precious oils, and your body cannot use that strong or constant of a dose anyway, and will just metabolize off the excess.
  2.   It does not turn itself off automatically. Luckily this issue can be easily remedies by buying a Christmas tree timer at Home Depot and plugging the diffuser into that before plugging it into the wall. You can then program the Christmas tree timer to turn the unit off as desired.

The best way to use this unit when you get sick:

Sit right next to the diffuser and diffuser the organic Respiratory blend on high volume. Breathe those healing aromatic molecules deeply into your lungs. After about 10 to 15 minutes your body will tell you “that’s enough” and you won’t want to breathe it anymore. Listen to your body and turn the unit completely off. Do this three to four times a day and you should notice great benefits when you are not feeling well or congested. If you do this, you will use less oil and get more benefit from it than any other diffuser.

 To scent a room:

You can use this amazing little diffuser to scent up a room just for pleasure. Diffusing essential oils is very beneficial and can be used anytime. In this case, turn the volume knob to about 12:00 and set it to run on and off as you please. Note: If you are sitting in the room, after about 15 to 20 minutes your olfactory hits exhaustion and will stop working. You literally will not be able to smell the oil in the air. Because of this, we recommend every 20 minutes or so getting up and walking out of the room for a minimum of 4 minutes to refresh your olfactory system (your sense of smell). Then go back into the room and you will smell how strong the scent is. We just recommend not to waste your oils, so not to over scent a room.

To change oils:

We love this diffuser because you never waste any of your oils. In fact, it’s the most oil conservative diffuser on the market, if you know how to use it correctly. When you are ready to diffuse another scent, simply unscrew the diffuser top from the essential oil bottle and wipe the white ‘straw’ off with a clean paper towel then it’s ready to put it into the next oil bottle. Super quick, super simple.

This diffuser actually SAVES your precious essential oils and lets you get the best use out of them. Also, because you bought this from Purify Skin Therapy we offer a lifetime warranty on the unit. Please note the only thing our manufacturer won’t warranty is if you turn the unit on its side while attached to the essential oil bottle, and essential oil flows into the motor. That is user error and is not under your warranty. We believe this is the best little diffuser on the market.


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