Essential Oils for Viral Infections (and Other Infectious Diseases)

Essential Oils for Viral Infections (and Other Infectious Diseases)

There’s been a lot of talk recently of the impending coronavirus and other infectious pathogens. It has caused a global scare and panic. Have you been worried?




Wouldn’t it be great if Mother Nature had a time tested remedy for viral infections? Something that She has developed and tested for thousands of years against thousands of diverse viral strains in living organisms? Something that we could use to keep us safe against viral infections today? Did you know that’s exactly what we have with essential oils?

Most essential oils have some degree of effectiveness against viruses. It’s the beauty of using medicines from the plant kingdom. Plants are evolutionary wonders with complex chemicals to fight off viruses of every kind, that’s how plants have survived for thousands of years. Plants have developed essential oils, and it’s the essential oils in plants that helps them fight off infectious pathogens including viral infections. The beauty of using essential oils is that Mother Nature has already prepared something that works for us. Using essential oils from plants has shown to be very effective against infectious pathogens, including viruses.




It’s empowering to remember how powerful the antiviral and antiseptic properties of good quality essential oils are. Understanding the effectiveness of essential oils against these infectious pathogens can help us release stress and feel empowered with all this media frenzy of impending doom. Using good quality essential oils can also be used proactively to support our health and well being as well as help us feel calm when we’re stressed.

Because of their effectiveness against pathogens, essential oils have been used by humans for thousands of years to fight viral, bacterial, fungal, and other mysterious and unidentified infections. Anciently man had a real respect for the powers of the plant kingdom. Now, through scientific research we’re getting back to this awe and respect for Mother Nature and Her powerful and effective plant made natural medicines. Essential oils can be used both for the prevention and to actively use against all kinds of infectious pathogens including viruses and bacteria.

Does the pharmaceutical and medical community have a good and effective answer for viral infections? The answer is no. Otherwise we would have a cure, or even medicines that worked for the common cold, flu, influenza, shingles, and herpes which are all caused by viral infections. The medical community does not have a good answer for viral infections. 

Are there any good and effective antiviral options for us? As we stated above, the answer is yes! Essential oils are powerful and very concentrated extracts from plants. They have been used for thousands of years for infectious diseases. Essential oils remain one of our best defenses against viral infections today. A simple search of PubMed will show you dozens and dozens of recent scientific studies done on essential oils that show essential oils have significant antiviral activity. There’s too many to list!

Which essential oils are best for antiviral situations? Luckily, Purify Skin Therapy has one of the most highly educated aromatherapists, Holly Draper (with the highest international aromatherapy certification, and a Master’s Degree in Aromatherapy), and we have this information. So what does our highly educated aromatherapist suggest that we should have on hand for viral infections? 

Because of the research that has been done, we know some essential oils are better antivirals than others. We also know that blends are more powerful than single oils to combat virulent pathogens. This is why we recommend three powerful blends for this purpose.


1. An age appropriate Immune Blend

The Immune blend was formulated with viral infections in mind. All the oils in the blend were carefully chosen for their therapeutic effects. This blend contains essential oils that have been researched and possess powerful antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. 


Another amazing blend is called Mega Immune. This blend is a powerhouse, and was formulated for really bad stuff. In fact, it’s so powerful you shouldn’t use it for longer than about 10 days at a time. So alternate this one with our Immune blend for best results.


What about your kids? Purify Skin Therapy was the first essential oil company to come out with a kids safe line of essential oils over 8 years ago. We have a custom blend called Kids Immune that is amazing to help your children, and yet it won’t damage their livers or anything else because it was formulated to be safe for them.


We also have one called Baby Immune if you have infants under 12 months old. Be sure to always use age appropriate blends on your little ones.


2. Respiratory Blend

We have another blend that powerfully aids and supports the immune system called Respiratory Blend. This one is best inhaled. If you have a good diffuser, this is the best blend for the respiratory system to use in your diffuser. As you breathe in the molecules of this aromatic blend it goes deep into the sinuses and respiratory system to help clean it up. It also carries on through the thin layer of skin into the bloodstream where this blend also works to boost and support the immune system. Just another level of support for our bodies.


3. Throat Care Blend

Along with the age appropriate Immune and Respiratory blends mentioned above, we also recommend having the Throat Care blend for sore throats and coughing. This one is a game changer if sore throats, and coughing are an issue for you.



When you buy essential oil blend from Purify Skin Therapy we send instruction sheets with them so you know how best to apply them for best results.


Last thing here…Make sure if you’re going to use essential oils that they are the cleanest, highest quality, most effective essential oils on the market. Make sure the oils you use are certified organic (so you’re not applying high concentrations of pesticides) by verifying that the USDA organic seal is right on the label. Purify Skin Therapy is proud to be one of the very few ALL organic and wild crafted essential oil lines in the country. We guarantee our oils are not sprayed with toxic chemicals or fertilizers by having them USDA certified organic. Quality is our highest priority. Skimp elsewhere, but not on essential oils when it comes to your health and wellness. We hope that having the right essential oils on hand gives you peace of mind in these troubled times.

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