Aromatherapy Play Dough for the Kids!

If you’re anything like us and have kids at home, enduring this quarantine, we have a healthy and fun activity you might want to try. Make homemade aromatherapy play dough.

Not only is this a stress relieving, fun activity for both children and adults, but the therapeutic effects of adding high quality essential oils to your kids play dough is invaluable. Such a fun and health promoting thing.


Make this Home Made Play Dough recipe:

Makes roughly 2 cups (recipe can be doubled for more)

1 C. Four

1/2 C. Salt

2 TBLSP Cream of Tartar

1 TBLSP Vegetable Oil

1 C. Water

Mix all ingredients together well in a sauce pan. Heat slowly over medium heat stirring constantly until warm and texture of the dough changes to be able to handle. Remove from heat and knead until smooth. Divide into as many different sections as you care to. Add food coloring to each piece of play dough. Add essential oils for aromatherapy.  Roughly add 4 to 8 drops of essential oils to each cup of dough. You can add more if the scent starts to fade or is not strong enough, but start slow.


Essential oils we recommend and some ideas for rainbow colors:

Do use Purify’s organic essential oils in this recipe, because you don’t want pesticides in this if your kids will play with it.

RED – organic Mandarin, Red – this sweet smelling uplifting citrus oil targets the inner child and helps us release pent up emotions and blocked energy. Great for kids and adults.

ORANGE – organic Orange – another great citrus oil that uplifts the mood and helps the brain, also boosts immunity.

YELLOW – organic Lemon – a tart, bright, mood lifting, and helps the brain, also boosts immunity, cleansing scent that brightens the energy.

GREEN – organic Balsam Fir – an evergreen tree, and a powerful energy protector. Good for the eyes and energetically helps you be strong in difficult times.

BLUE – organic Peppermint – (use less of this oil, it’s stronger, use only for ages 3 years old and over. Peppermint will burn the eyes when concentrated, so make sure it’s mixed into the dough well before giving it to the kids). Or use organic Spearmint, better for kids under 3 years old kids and smells so yummy.

PURPLE – organic Lavender – so sweet and calming, useful for stress relief and relaxing.

PINK – organic Ylang Ylang – releases anger and rage, as well as releases negative emotions.


Some other ideas you can use organic Eucalyptus radiata oil (clears the respiratory system), organic Lime oil (uplifting), Organic Roman Chamomile oil (ultra calming), Frankincense oil (good for trauma), Rose oil (good for grief), or Myrrh oil (increases grounding). There’s so many options! You can also use Purify’s powerful blends like: Kids Immune blend, Peace of Mind blend, or Respiratory blend for some powerful effects!


Understand you will get this essential oil on your skin, so you won’t use any hot oils in this recipe (like cinnamon, oregano, thyme, or clove bud as these will burn the skin and are not great for children.)


All these organic essential oils are available at


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