Peppermint the Rockstar!

Peppermint the Rockstar

Minty, fresh, cooling, and oh so yummy smelling, Peppermint essential oil is a rockstar!

Peppermint is one of the most important and useful essential oils to have on hand because it does so many things!



If you have a high quality, food grade, organic Peppermint essential oil, like Purify Skin Therapy’s Peppermint take one drop into your mouth and swish it and swallow it (DO NOT INGEST nonOrganic peppermint oil because of the pesticides). This does several things:

  1. It is an instant mosquito repellant and will keep mosquitoes from biting you, it also keeps most other bugs away
  2. It is a stimulant and gives you instant energy and helps you stay awake
  3. It helps focus the mind and improves concentration
  4. It gives you the healthiest fresh breath possible, so go ahead and get close 💗
  5. It helps alleviate a sore throat
  6. It’s antispasmodic and helps to calm coughing
  7. It is the fastest acting pain relieving essential oil and works so well for pain issues
  8. It helps to detox your liver, and through the liver your entire body
  9. It improves digestion and helps to relieve most digestive troubles
  10. It boosts your immune system to keep you healthy and strong

Applied topically on the skin Peppermint essential oil also does amazing things:

  1. Best pain reliever
  2. Fastest pain reliever of all the essential oils
  3. Best oil to minimize the effects of bruising
  4. Soothes sore and stiff muscles
  5. Helps relieve tight muscles
  6. Stops the burning and itching of mosquito bites and other insect bites
  7. Calms the itching and burning of poison oak, poison ivy rashes (dilute it)
  8. Helps relieve inflammation
  9. Best oil for the pain, inflammation, and trauma of accidents and ouchies (but do not ever put peppermint on broken skin or cuts. It burns on broken skin)
  10. Best oil to calm the burn of sunburns (MUST dilute a lot for sunburns)


We understand that every essential oil company out there claims their oils are the highest quality, but Purify is different. We can actually prove that ours are the best. ALL of our essential oils are either USDA certified organic or wildcrafted. Most of our oils are also food grade, and are the highest quality, natural, and authentic oils available. We go to extremes to bring you only the purest and highest quality organic oils from around the globe. When using Peppermint essential oil make sure the USDA organic seal is right on the label. If it’s not there then it’s not an organic Peppermint and don’t use it or ingest it because of the pesticides and other safety issues. If you need a good high quality, food grade, organic Peppermint essential oil that you can trust to be strong and effective, get yours from Purify Skin Therapy today.



Peppermint essential oil is one of the very few essential oils that you want to come from the USA. Peppermint that is grown in the Pacific Northwest, like ours is, are better oils and have better medicinal constituents than peppermint oil from anywhere else on the planet. This is why we take such great care in the sourcing of our oils. We make sure they come from the area in which the plant is native to or in which it has the best medicinal properties.

Aromatherapy Education

Purify Skin Therapy’s founder is one of the highest accredited Aromatherapists in the country. Holly is an Internationally ARC Registered Aromatherapist and got her first Master’s Degree in Aromatherapy, and her second Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness. She has put her heart and soul into providing you with the highest quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils, and correct safety and application information. We believe you will see and smell the difference.

Get your Purify organic Peppermint essential oil today!


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