Releasing Negative Emotions with Essential Oils


Usually people don’t get angry over just one event. From what I’ve seen most expressions of anger are a build up from many irritating situations over time. Situations that may not have the emotion of anger but are usually frustration, discouragement, disappointment, hurt, as well as many others. All of these singular experiences finally build inside a person to trigger the emotion of anger and oftentimes there will be an explosion that accompanies it. Most time the actual event that triggers the explosion doesn’t in itself, merit the explosion of emotion that it sometimes gets. It’s just this build up of emotions that catches us off guard. It’s very much like a fuse that becomes lit and burns until it lights the stick of dynamite. Over time the fuse length can become shorter and shorter allowing the explosions to come quicker once lit. As is always the case once the explosion of anger goes off there will be “dead bodies” as a result. anger

Today’s challenges have made it even harder to deal with these emotions because we are together with family more without the outlets we have become accustomed to helping us vent. Work has been more challenging having to adjust to new environments and sometimes bringing that pressure to the home as well. Some have faced the reality of being isolated that has come not by choice. What is accepted by some is ridiculed by others, and the views people hold are very charged.

Is there help? Happily yes! Essential oils are amazing when it comes to emotions. The healing modality of aromatherapy is the use of aroma to assist in healing. Your sense of smell is the only one of your five senses that goes directly into the limbic system, or the core part of your brain, to quickly trigger emotional issues. Simply put it is breathing pure, organic essential oils that go directly to the core part of the brain to help calm and release negative and charged emotions that have been stored there. It can even release emotions that we don’t even remember the cause of that emotion being held. 

When we talk about the negative emotions, the heavy ones like anger, rage, frustration, irritation, these are the emotions we hold onto that can negatively affect our physical body. Can emotions make you sick? Can emotions effect the health of your physical body? YES! Did you know these low frequency emotions like anger can actually be stored in every cell of your body? It’s true. Everyone of your cells has a memory. But what you hold on to, you also have the power to release it. You can let it go with a little help. Low frequency emotions are released from every cell of your body by inhaling the essential oil of Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang is a beautiful floral essential oil that is sweet and calming. Just putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and breathing deeply for 5-10 minutes to release anger, as well as other low frequency emotions that you no longer want to hold onto. What a blessing.

Ylang Ylang USDA


Anyone else realize they have an inner child that often gets upset or hurt, it’s true. All of us have a tender, sensitive inner child that can hold a lot of deep emotions. There are certain essential oils that target our inner child and can help release negative emotions here. Red Mandarin and Spearmint essential oils have a calming and releasing effect to help our inner child let that hurt and upset go. These specific essential oils are also really good for your children, who are literally living in their inner child energy now. These two oils can really help kids let go of some deep stuff they don’t need to hold on to.




Mandarin Red USDA


What about bigger emotions that are heavy to deal with like depression, anxiety, grief, anger and rage? We have a powerful blend formulated just for these heavier emotions, called Peace of Mind that has all the essential oils that can lift a person out of this dark heavy feeling they are experiencing. Peace of Mind blend helps you feel lighter, calmer, and takes away the fear and panic. It’s a very useful tool if you’re struggling with these heavier emotions.

Peace of Mind 8-10-16


For anyone else that would like to let some emotions go that are not serving them, we have a blend called Release that has all the oils that will trigger the core part of your brain to let go of these unwanted emotions. 



One of the worst things we can do with emotions is not do anything. They will not just go away no matter how hard we try to ignore them or bury them. They will come up sooner or later. I invite you to choose an essential oil that resonates with you. Use it when you start to feel yourself get emotional. Breathe in the healing aromas that help trigger your emotional release before it builds up inside. Hopefully this will allow you to move forward in calming your emotions and allowing you to feel your best self.



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