Pain Relief with Organic Essential Oils

Pain Relief with Natural Organic Essential Oils


Pain Ease Blend

This blend is formulated for your deepest aches and pains. It’s phenomenal for bruising, inflammation, and heat. It works on any kind of pain where the skin is not broken. It’s life changing and works so much better than other companies versions made with lesser quality oils, and it doesn’t contain the toxic oil of wintergreen. Wintergreen is a toxic oil and will harm your kidneys and your nervous system, so be very careful with any wintergreen oil in any of your products. At Purify Skin Therapy we don’t have wintergreen oil in ANY of our products. When it comes to pain don’t mess around, this safe blend works super fast and gives long lasting pain relief. Pain Ease blend is the one you want. 

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Mother’s Relief Blend

This blend was formulated to be safe for even pregnant mothers. It helps with those aches and pains of pregnancy, but also ALL pain issues, and you don’t have to be pregnant to use it. It’s a great blend using oils like organic ginger, organic Roman chamomile, and organic lavender.

Because we care about age-appropriate essential oil use. While pregnant you should be very careful of the essential oils you use. Essential oils will affect your baby.

We have formulated this blend specifically to be safe for pregnant women. But this is a great pain relieving essential oil blend that is appropriate for children, pregnant women, and the ailing elderly, and yet strong enough for healthy adults. Pretty much anyone can use this blend for powerful pain relief.

The MOTHERS RELIEF Blend is a powerful blend that contains safe essential oils that support and relieve pain issues like:

Physical pain
Sore muscles
Joint pain

This blend is formulated specifically to be safe for expecting Mothers and young children, but everyone can safely use this blend.

Mother's Relief 3-27-17



Try some natural and effective pain relief with organic essential oils today!

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