Preparedness with Essential Oils

Preparedness With Essential Oils


I live in Utah, and according to Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah Seismograph Stations, and FEMA, Utah is overdue for a large (7.0 or more) magnitude earthquake. I used to teach earthquake preparedness, and I tend to have preparedness on my mind. Am I prepared? Am I ready? Will my kids be ready? Do we have a disaster plan? Maybe you have felt the same way. There is a really good resource if you live in Utah. Please check out Be sure to get the pamphlet at the bottom of the page, VERY useful.

It may be more than earthquakes we need to be thinking about. It seems there are many things we need to be prepared for: Pandemics, accidents, ouchies, illness, fevers, cuts, scrapes, etc.

As I’ve been going over preparedness in my mind, some of the most important things I want to have on hand are high grade, organic, effective essential oils. Essential oils have a very long history of being great for healing wounds and injuries, disinfecting wounds, and boosting the immune system. In my 19 years of working with them I have seen how amazing high quality oils are for all these things. I thought you might like to know what I’m planning to have on hand for emergencies and why:

Wound Repair Blend

This powerful essential oil blend is my number one choice for wounds, injuries, cuts, scrapes, and surgical incisions. It contains organic Yarrow, organic Tea Tree, wildcrafted Frankincense, wildcrafted Myrrh, organic Roman Chamomile, and other oils to create a powerful disinfecting and wound regenerating blend that is so easy to use. I use this for any kind of wound or scratch where the skin has been damaged or ruptured.

Wound Repair 8-10-16


Immune Blend

This immune boosting blend is great to have if you start feeling sick. If you start using it as soon as you feel something coming on it works rapidly to boost your immune system minimizing downtime and symptoms. It’s a great blend and can also be diluted and applied topically for infections.

Read more about boosting your immune system with essential oils here

Immune 8-10-16


Throat Care Blend

This is a great blend for common throat issues. It can help with sore throats and coughing. It’s easy to use and fast acting.

Throat Care


Respiratory Blend

Our certified organic Respiratory blend is strong and fast acting. This blend contains essential oils that are great for all issues with the respiratory system. If you tend to get stuffy or congested when you get sick, this blend is for you.



Headache Relief Serum

This is one of my favorite blends. I never travel without it, as just inhaling this blend will stop motion and travel sickness in its tracks. It also was formulated to relief headaches and migraines, but I love to apply this blend to the back of my hairline when I’m tired and need energy to get things done. Boy it wakes you up and brings a rush of energy. I use it in classes, long seminars, and when I have to drive late at night. GREAT blend to have.

Headache USDA


Pain Ease Blend

This blend is formulated for your deepest aches and pains. It’s phenomenal for bruising, inflammation, and heat. It works on any kind of pain where the skin is not broken. It’s life changing and works so much better than other companies versions made with lesser quality oils, and it doesn’t contain the toxic oil of wintergreen. When it comes to pain don’t mess around, it works super fast and lasts a long time. Pain Ease blend is the one you want. 

Pain Ease 5


Digestion Blend

If digestive issues are a problem for you, this blend can really help. Poor digestion, constipation, diarrhea, upset tummies, and so much more. This is a natural way to ease the pain and help the issue. Sometimes when I’m stressed and I eat, it feels like the food sits like a brick in my tummy. This blend is so good for that and brings quick relief.

Digestion 8-10-16



Stress is an issue for most people, especially in an emergency situation. One of our NEW blends, Blossom, is an amazing blend for stress reduction utilizing remarkable essential oils that have been used for millennia for reducing stress. I love the Blossom blend and like to wear it as a perfume. It keeps me calm and happy.



Of course all our blends are made in small batches from USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils. We wouldn’t use anything less, though most other essential oil companies out there do…they use lower grade nonorganic conventional grade oils, so buyer beware. Don’t skimp on essential oils, you definitely get what you pay for, and cheaper oils almost never work as good as the high quality ones. Buy our high grade, organic, and wildcrafted essential oils from and you’ll be glad you did.

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Holly Draper, MS AROMA, MS H&W, RA, CCAP

Founder & Formulator Purify Skin Therapy


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