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Announcing our NEW Line of Organic Essential Oils for Kids!


Announcing our NEW Line of Oils   ~ Something completely unique to Purify Skin Therapy ~ Because We Love Our Kids…And Yours!    We’re the first essential oil company to come out with a completely safe and effective KIDS line of essential oils.   Because you cannot use the same essential oils on your little ones […]

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The History of Essential Oils and Immunity


  The History of Essential Oils and Immunity If you do some research into the historical uses of essential oils, you’ll come across an interesting recipe. The story is that in the 17th century, as Europe was battling the Black Plague, a group of wandering thieves seemed to be immune to the disease, which allowed […]

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Let’s Talk About Immunity – Part One


Let’s Talk About Immunity As we head into Fall, we start the discussion about what essential oils to use to build up immunity. Nobody likes being sick, and no parent likes watching their children going through illness. Boosting and strengthening the immune system is where essential oils really shine! They have been used for this […]

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